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The Surefire Goal of Catholic Charismatic Renewal

Does the mention of Catholic Charismatic Renewal send chills all over your body? You must be asking why the group exists in the Catholic Church! Imagine traveling in the third-class compartment of a Train day after day, year after year, without knowing first-class travelers are enjoying all the luxury! Catholic ...
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Miracles as sure as the sun shines

Shake The Bottle, Wake The Miracles

Have you ever sat down and imagined waking up one morning to find your life a complete reverse of what it was yesterday? You are not crazy. We all fantasize. I guess it’s good for our health too. Miracles can make your dream come true. Everyone, including the richest, wants ...
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There is only one thing in the world I want and that is restoration

Restoration: How You Missed The Number 1 Target By A Whisker

When you are over and done with the past, restoration wiggles in your mind like a hungry worm in search of food. After praying for a while, you want to see God in action making changes in the unpleasant areas of your life. Do things always unfold your way? No! ...
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Committed Catholic. Nothing brings change better. Try it now!

Committed Catholic: 4 Gripping Must Have’s

A Committed Catholic is a go-getter. She's not a routine girl or mom. Her enthusiasm doesn't give her breathing space. She's always on the move, searching for greener pastures. If that's you, you're in the right place. All baptized Catholics hold the title 'Catholic' as long as they have not ...
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Live long and prosper. Your parents hold the keys.

Live Long And Prosper. 14 Essentials

If wishes were horses, we would all ride. Everybody wants to live long and prosper. But does everyone work towards the goal? What is the main hindrance to prosperity? You will not live long and prosper with a balanced diet and regular exercise. It wont work without obedience. Have a ...
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Confession: The sacrament you will regret missing.

Confession – When You’re Afraid To Face The Priest

Confession is the most dreaded sacrament, yet the most powerful sacrament. Why do I say it's the most powerful? Among the seven sacraments, confession and the Holy Eucharist are the only lifetime sacraments. As you know too well, Baptism, First Holy Communion, Confirmation, and Holy Matrimony only happen once in ...
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Lenten Season – 3 Manageable Fasting Options

The Lenten season is one of the most significant periods in the Catholic church. We practically walk Jesus through His forty days fasting after which He gained the power to trample on the devil. Satan had no other option but to flee from Him. Jesus was not in a temple, ...
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God reveals himself and exposes the devil during adoration.

Adoration – The Unstoppable Change

What Is Adoration? Adoration is to convey great love and affection to a friend for his sacrifices towards a better you. It is the constant reflection of the beauty of life courtesy of that person. I have heard expressions like – “If it were not for my mother, father, husband, ...
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Deliverance – a daily commitment with a sure bet.

Deliverance – Untying Startling Hooks

Deliverance is a term that relates to Christians who have deeply sought to understand the works of the Lord and the attacks of the evil one upon human life. Life is a battle perceived to take place between the Lord and the evil one. We are the battlefield. Having taught ...
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Pray in the Spirit - What's the difference?

Pray in the Spirit – 10 Pointers

We’re going to learn how to pray in the spirit, but first, we need to understand some facts. Quality prayer entails a deep connection with God at the time of prayer. It translates to a deeper relationship with God. If we’d like to pray in the spirit, we must be ...
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