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Why you need to be the best friend to your rebellious teens

Rebellious Teens – 10 Ways to Fix Them

Even for the most loving and understanding parents, handling rebellious teens can be difficult. This is a period when teens begin to discover their own identities. They no longer lean on their parents' decisions. The teens begin to challenge the rules and may even give their parents a hard time ...
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Raising Godly Kids – 7 Fundamentals 

Raising Godly kids is an uphill task. Most Christians are quite passionate about teaching their children to love Jesus. Even before I had kids, God put it in my heart years ago to make a plan for my children. I didn't think of sharing it with other parents at the ...
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How helicopter parenting denies children their rights

Helicopter Parenting – Is it the best gift for kids?

Helicopter parenting is likely to be on our day-to-day activity list even without us realizing it. It is one of those instinctive part-of-life moves. Why? We were also kids. So, we either want to be the best parents to our children like our parents or, we wouldn’t like our kids ...
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Say no to depression. You are valid, gifted, and able to make a difference in society.

4-in-1 Protection For Off-Limits Depression.

Come rain or shine, I will not take medication for depression again. They make me tired. I look like a zombie. I'm tired of living. My hope is all gone. I'd rather die. I need some time alone. The course is too tough. I just want to remain in bed ...
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Why you need to avoid the curse of a mother at all costs.

Curse of a Mother; Power on the Lips!

Lips can make and break. The curse of a mother does not only happen when we engage in a verbal fight. If you've never exchanged words with your mother, you're likely to feel this post is not for you. But I want to disagree with you today. There is more ...
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Low self-esteem: The death that kills the living

Low Self-Esteem: The Thorn In The Flesh

Low self-esteem is a state of mind that makes the affected person feel less able to partake in activities that their age-mates are comfortable doing. Their doubts overrule their confidence and absorb it. Let me explain it further. Self-confidence ignites the hormones to react to situations, whereas doubts keep them ...
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