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Why ‘the other woman’ is an option you need to dread like the plague!

The Risky Agony Of The Other Woman

Are you whining in a polygamous marriage? Could you be regretting it? Given another chance, would you still take the position of the other woman? Could you be feeling remorseful for getting married to another woman's husband? If your encounter with Christ has brought forth several questions concerning your marriage ...
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How the endless headaches of a broken marriage bite the hardest

10 Steps to a Broken Marriage. The Cost of the Tongue!

The Devil's Tactics on Women It is unheard of for anyone to invest in a marriage only to look forward to its downfall. Couples always expect the first day's glam to last forever. Unfortunately, partners usually do not comprehend when the bright future of the marriage changes to a broken ...
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The best revenge is to act in a way he least expected

Success Is The Best Revenge – 3 Real-Life Examples

As much as we may hate to admit it, the desire to revenge is one of those intense negative emotions that every single living human has experienced at some point in their life. In life, we often go through situations that are frustrating causing us heartaches and grief. We feel ...
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Best weapons to fight a toxic mother-in-law

Toxic Mother-In-Law? 5 Ways To Win Her

You’re probably trying to be the best wife to your husband. The thought of your toxic mother-in-law, however, sucks. You dread moments when you cannot avoid seeing her. In Priscah's words: "Sometimes I feel like grabbing my toxic mother-in-law by the collar, hit her head on the wall, and leave ...
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It's not a dream. husband material is real!

The Ultimate Husband Material Machine

Even if you are still single, you’ll become a wife and mother someday. Prevention has always been better than cure. Knowing what husband material to look out for will save you a lot of trouble. We live our lives in awe of what tomorrow holds. A 'husband material' is one ...
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The beauty of submission in marriage is evident in the looks

4 Reasons Submission in Marriage Appears Controversial  

God meant well for both men and women when He allowed us to live together as husband and wife. He pictured what life would look like decades ahead and felt we need to have companions. Submission in marriage has, however, raised eyebrows among many women. But why are women uncomfortable? ...
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