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16 New Cult Churches Red Flags in 2021

It may not be wrong to obey your curiosity to see what happens in non-Catholic churches. Ignorantly getting stuck in cult churches can, however, drain you mentally. Here are some of the uncommon tricks the cult churches use to attract followers. Cult churches are up for the destruction of souls ...
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The woman from suffering. She says ‘YES.’

Suffering – 2 Points of View

The mention of suffering triggers resistance in the minds of many Catholics. Everybody wants comfort. More so, when you have adhered to all the church requirements, expectations become high. The only problem lies in waiting. The church teaches that you have to carry your cross. What is your cross? Why ...
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Where sexual bondage appears to be a pleasure

Master the Art of Bondage with these 15 Tips

Spiritual bondage is the devil's camping site in the human body, mind, and soul. Imagine when you step foot into the Catholic Charismatic group! Ideally, you would expect a breakthrough in some of your challenges. What if it does not happen? Would you consider yourself the problem? Ever known spiritual ...
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Why the future of ‘forgive and forget, is the brightest

The Famous Forgive and Forget of Champions

Forgive and forget is a song that you’ve heard more often than not. Although its roots are in the Bible, it is one of the virtues many Christians are struggling with to date. Forgiveness is a measure of your emotional quotient. It speaks volumes as regards your relationship with your ...
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App Loans; whatever you want

3 Loans That Will Sabotage Your Life

Loans are becoming a quick reach-out as the world evolves. Nowadays, you can borrow money for anything, no matter how small. Some decades back, banks would only lend to people who had streams of income or worked for trusted organizations. However, with the coming of android mobile phones, you can ...
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how to get sad abortion memories out of your way

Sinking Feeling After Abortion; 5 Ways To Fight It

The Catholic church is firm on abstinence as the mainstream way to prevent pregnancy. On the contrary, abortion takes place much more than it appears. It is a clear sign that fornication is an order of the day. The more technological the world gets; the more people get tempted to ...
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Change your whole perspective of tattoos

Tattoos; 2 Controversial Sides Of The Same Coin Explained!

Tattoos have become an in-thing in the current society. Young or old; male or female; it’s normal to come across tattooed bodies in our daily interactions. Have you ever questioned the authenticity of tattoos? It’s quite interesting that both supporters and disputers of tattoos use the Bible to affirm their ...
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Why paying tithe makes you sad

Bible Verses About Tithe. 3 Daunting Revelations

The Tithe is the first avenue you would think of when you talk about the finances of the Catholic church. Everyone imagines Catholics are good contributors to the church’s development. I guess the beautiful churches speak volumes to the onlookers. Have you ever wondered why your life never gets better ...
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Moms like you choose the best oaths

Traditional Oaths: The Short-Term Solution

Oaths are promises we make to ourselves, family, friends, and God in the spiritual realm. With the human ability to make decisions, we can initiate oaths between two or more people. Likewise, we can invoke the presence of the Lord as we take vows. It’s important to note that whether ...
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Faith in God is a gift from God.

Faith in God – Courage in Pain

Faith in God can move mountains. It was one dark morning for a man I like to compare to Paul. Just like Paul was a murderer and was on his way to Damascus to harass God's people when God changed him, Richard was no different from Paul. Richard did not ...
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