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Bible message; the backbone of the whole human life

Fall in love with praying for others like never before.

Praying for Others: 5 Health Benefits

Praying for others is pretty tough until you know what your take-home is! It is instinctive. I don’t want to bore you by asking you to pray for others simply because Jesus instructed us to do so! We all know Jesus taught His disciples ‘the Lord’s prayer, which dwells on ...
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3 Lessons in the Story of Lot’s Wife and the Pillar of Salt

Ever wondered why and how Lot’s wife became a pillar of salt in the blink of an eye? Can you imagine yourself in the shoes of Lot’s wife? Definitely not! What if I gave you a hint of instances where you literally became a pillar of salt like Lot’s wife? ...
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A simple thank you lights up your world.

Thank You – The Secret In It

Thank you is one of the shortest effortless sentences with a rather weighty invisible prize. We feel indebted to thank the Lord every day for the numerous blessings. Every time we kneel, our lips must utter a thank you to the Almighty. We can do this as many times as ...
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Religious leaders are untouchables. Keep off their private lives.

Stop Judging Religious Leaders

Christian religious leaders are servants of God tasked with the responsibility of guiding the flock. We cannot talk about leadership without mentioning their lives. The two have to go hand in hand. No life; no leadership! Separating their lives and responsibilities is like talking about the Holy Spirit without pointing ...
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Ark of the Covenant today

Relationship between the Holy Eucharist and the Covenant Box

Receive the Holy Eucharist in purity! Priests have been singing this song ever since I got so attentive in church. Yes; there was a time I did not have much interest in the church as much as I do today. When I developed a special relationship with Christ, I understood ...
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Angels on earth

Are Angels for real?

Most of us know angels exist by virtue of the teachings in the Catholic church as inscribed in the Bible. However, there is too much noise in the world to the extent we sometimes doubt the existence of angels. Today, I'd like to assert the angelic presence in our lives ...
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The throbbing pain in the silence of Charismatic lay Catholics

The Sad Pain of Charismatic Lay Catholics 

Charismatic lay Catholics are Catholics who have taken an extra step to reactivate the gifts of the Holy Spirit in them. The gifts of the Holy Spirit unfold progressively over a period of time. It doesn’t mean the other things we do in the Catholic church do not make sense! ...
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Vincentian Ministries; the talk of the Catholic church, where we find value for our entire life both on earth and in heaven.

Vincentian Ministries – The Perfect Solution  

Like every other parish in the Catholic church, Vincentian Ministries was founded under the patronage of Saint Vincent De Paul. He was known for charity and reforming the way in which the clergy was prepared for the priesthood. Should you be interested in knowing more about this admirable saint, click ...
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When the armor of God is in place, the devil gets displaced.

The Undeniable Armor of God – How now?

The Bible depicts a Christian life as a struggle against sin. We are warriors of Christ engaged in a spiritual conflict. The spiritual powers of evil engage us in a battle. We're not fighting against human beings. Paul, the apostle, exhorts Christians to put on the whole armor of God ...
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The story of Job in our lives today

The Story of Job – Hidden Lessons

Often our faces glow with awe when we remember the story of Job especially when we are going through a rough time. But why did it take too long for the Lord to come to the aid of Job? Have you ever noticed that Job made a mistake? Job was ...
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