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Immaculate Conception – The First of 7 Mysteries of Mary

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The immaculate conception was only the beginning of one of the most powerful salvation routes.   
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Mary’s immaculate conception came at a time when God needed a pure person to work with. Everyone He used in the Old Testament disappointed Him.   

Abraham married another wife – Ishmael's mother Hagar.   

Moses hit the rock instead of speaking to it to produce water.   

David got into the temptation of sexual sin to the extent of killing Uriah.   

Solomon married several wives and had several concubines. That was after God blessed him with immense wisdom.   

They all disobeyed the Lord.

God figured out He needed to mold a replica of Him from scratch. That is how immaculate conception was born. 

The immaculate conception was the first step that led to the world getting a lifetime savior.
Mary's obedience saved the world.

God preserved Mary from the taint of original sin.   

The immaculate conception is not even the mystery we are talking about here. We are going to present the first of the seven mysteries of Mary ahead.

Looking at Mary’s background, her parents Sts. Joachim and Ann were religious. God chose Mary from a holy family.  

The Immaculate Conception Mystery

Mary was astonished at the angel’s message that she would bear a child and call Him Jesus. She was still a virgin and wondered how it would happen! As we can see in Luke 1: 26-38, Mary accepted the Lord’s will as presented by the angel.   

Joseph, who was engaged to Mary, planned to secretly divorce Mary. He was disappointed at her pregnancy and made conclusions as any other man would.   

As Joseph was planning to divorce Mary, Angel Gabriel appeared to him. He convinced him otherwise as told in Matthew 1: 18-25. Joseph changed his mind and never looked back.   

Now, the immaculate conception is a heavenly mystery.

The fact that Joseph got convinced is the first of the seven mysteries of the power of Mother Mary

Would any man buy the idea of a mysterious conception that easily?


The power of the Holy Spirit in Mary was indisputable.

The angel represented Mary, who was calmly waiting for the outcome. She was with God and thus sure God’s will would prevail.   

The Bible does not tell us if any squabbles arose between Mary and Joseph. The fact that Joseph wanted to secretly dismiss Mary suggests they discussed the pregnancy issue. Joseph was not happy about it!   

We are not told if Mary prayed over the issue. Considering the type of person she was, she must have been praying.   

No woman can convince her husband of an immaculate conception. The power of the Holy Spirit, who was present in Mary’s womb, had to take control! 

If Mary Lived Today  

The Bible does not tell us if Joseph discussed Mary’s pregnancy with his friends. It also does not say if Mary shared her immaculate conception story with anyone.   

Naturally, we would want to discredit Mary as a disappointment to her husband and society. Or, we would brand Joseph weak for accepting to marry Mary despite her purported engagement with another man.   

Joseph and Mary communicated with God through the angel. 

immaculate conception 2 1

The immaculate conception is one of the reasons we honor Mother Mary by praying the rosary. It was the first step of receiving salvation through a special vessel who was Mary.   

The first part of the Hail Mary prayer is full of praises. It is followed by asking for Mary’s intercession.   

The immaculate conception was only the beginning of one of the most powerful salvation routes. 

When we pray the rosary, we are asking Mary to dwell in our homes. Her presence is a sign of the Lord’s presence. She makes everything flow in the Lord’s direction.   


God began to use Mary at once when she conceived.  The immaculate conception is a reminder of the origin of the intercession of Mary in our prayers.   

Critically looking at this story, we have Jesus because of Mary’s purity. Mary and Joseph were both righteous. God sent the angel to each of them independently to make His plan of giving us a savior come true.   

Look out for the second of the seven mysteries of Mary in our next article.

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