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Prayer Against Enemies – A Perfect Guide

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We must distinguish between a prayer for the enemy and a prayer against enemies.
A good prayer against enemies is a burning fire the devil cannot stand.

There is power in praying against enemies

The word ‘against’ looks a bit out of place when used in Christian content but we need to call it what it is. A prayer against enemies is a must-have tool for every Christian. Enemies exist. Some of them are harmless while others are lethal. 

When we pray for the enemy, we are usually ready to bless them. That is what the Bible tells us! However, we must distinguish between a prayer for the enemy and a prayer against enemies. One is for the good of the enemy, and the other is a prayer to fight the evil spirits that lead them to behave the way they do. 

What if we got a little deeper into our enemies' ploys? 

Let us take an example of the opposite of enmity. We bless others with what we have, whether small or large. It is similar in the enemies' industries. They attack based on the quantity of hostility in them! 

One enemy would not dare get to the worst-case scenarios like killing! The other can kill without feeling guilty. It depends on the quantity of fury based on the presence of the evil one.  

Dangerous enemies do not just talk. They go the extra mile to act. These enemies go beyond what we can imagine to carry out their missions. They fight the Lord’s plans.  

However, we need to note that we are dealing with the evil spirits in our enemies and not the people.  

It is also good to have an idea of who our enemies are before we begin to pray against them. Let us be cautious not to pray against ourselves! 

The world is a battleground. We are competing for resources. The evil one has never accepted defeat. He continues to fail but never gives up.

A good prayer against enemies is a burning fire the devil cannot stand.
There is power in praying against enemies

So, what does a prayer against enemies entail?

Inclusions in a Prayer Against Enemies 

  1. Ask God for forgiveness. Whether we remember our sins or not, it is essential to repent. We are human and likely to sin without realizing it.  
  1. Invite Mother Mary to walk us through the tough journey of fighting our enemies. Her presence is usually an early sign of a win.  
  1. Forgive our enemies and ward off the spirit of fear. It would also be important to forgive ourselves where necessary.  
  1. Ask God to protect us from all the plans of the enemies.  
  1. Pray for liberation from the enemies' evil attacks that might have already entered our lives.  
  1. Invoke the Precious Blood of Jesus and the power of the Holy Spirit.  
  1. Crown it with a deliverance prayer.  

We can produce our own written prayer that follows this guideline. The prayer against enemies we will find next is powerful but does not tie anyone to it. The more we learn how to pray, the more we feel the need to do it in our most preferred way.  

Let us first examine the enemies we need to pray against.  

Printable PDF Prayer Guide

Who needs to say a prayer against enemies?  

I started by saying we all need to say a prayer against enemies. However, when there is nothing pushing us to do it, we tend to relax. But if we have an idea of what our enemies are doing, we cannot continue waiting! Otherwise, we will be caught unaware. It can be sad to realize we would have saved a situation by simply making some time to fervently pray against it! 

we are at war with the spirit world

We need to say a prayer against enemies if we have experienced the following: 

  1. Evident and consistent jealousy among relatives, in the workplace, among friends, or in the neighborhood. When jealousy matures, it leads to unimaginable attempts by enemies to alter the Lord’s plans. It can be disastrous.  
  1. When we are faithful to God, He exposes the enemies’ dirty tricks to us. If we are lucky to have come face to face with what we did not know about people we thought were friends, we are candidates who need to say a prayer against enemies.  

Let us be reminded it is a prayer against the evil spirits in them. Our focus is to save ourselves and save them from the claws of the evil one. A prayer against enemies requires complete immersion into a prayer mode for us to see results. 

We can use the attached printable powerful prayer against enemies as a tool to fight enemies. Once we have mastered the art of prayer, we can come up with our own prayers against enemies as guided by the Holy Spirit.

If we'd like to listen to the prayer, we can find it here.


A prayer against enemies does not harm them, it saves them. Likewise, it prevents the evil spirits in them from attacking us. In the long run, we will have saved both ourselves and our enemies. When we do not pray against the evil spirits that mislead our enemies, we are likely to lose ourselves and lose them too.  

Here is another prayer against enemies we can learn from.

So, which one is better?  

As painful as it may be to know who our enemies are, we need to fight the evil in them. When we will have won, we will enjoy peace of mind.   

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