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Praying for Enemies – 5 Adorable Treasures

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Our health is dependent on us. Our enemies have nothing to do with it. Praying for enemies not only saves them but also saves us. It lengthens our lifespan.
Don't think too much. Praying for enemies is a problem solver.

When the Lord is in control

Prayer is our daily spiritual bread. Praying for enemies is one of those ingredients that looks small but has an impact on our health. Whether for mental, physical, or spiritual well-being, praying for our enemies has a cure for us. 

For as long as we interact with people, we’ve got to live with enmity amongst ourselves. It could be visible or invisible. It’s an assurance that the devil is in existence.  

Unfortunately, we tend to deal with the enemies instead of the evil spirits that mislead them. That’s why we find ourselves holding grudges and getting angry. We also hate our enemies, blame them, and talk about them.

But what if we knew how valuable their enmity is to us?  

I remember my spiritual mentor in the Catholic Charismatic Renewal movement. He once told me, 80% of the human body is spiritual. The physical is only 20%. I don’t quite know where he got that from, but when I look at life, I see the figures telling us the truth.

Our bodies are vessels that accommodate our spiritual beings. 

Now, let’s get to know the five treasures. 

  • It’s a blessing to pray for enemies.  
  • Praying for enemies heals.  
  • We command respect when we pray for enemies.  
  • Praying for enemies gives us hope.  
  • We become fearless when we pray for enemies.  

We’re going to look at how each of these treasures always works in our favor. 

Praying for Enemies is a Blessing  

An experience with enemies is the greatest test anyone can go through. I bet we all agree that the first thought of how to handle our enemies is usually not something good.  

If we look at how David prayed in Psalm 109, we realize that even committed Christians struggle to let go. But was it right for David to ask God to punish his enemies? An in-depth analysis of David’s Psalms 109 can help us understand David’s prayers. We can learn a lot from the way David prayed.  

When we drop a stone into a swimming pool, the water splashes all around it. It settles after a while. Praying for enemies behaves in a similar way.

How praying for enemies soothes and relaxes our minds
Conquerors are warriors who beat the odds to emerge victorious.

When we pray for enemies, there's usually a lot of instability in the enemy's camp. Continuously praying for enemies changes them. Heaven rejoices when we save the Lord's children and mend relationships.

Praying for enemies attracts blessings. When God changes our enemies, we share in the benefits of their transformation.

As the Bible tells us, praying for enemies is an instruction from God. Luke 6:27–28 says: But I tell you who hear me: love your enemies, do good to those who hate you, bless those who curse you, and pray for those who ill-treat you.    

Jesus’ prayer for people who mistreated Him reminds us that we are His followers. We also need to behave like Him.  

Praying for Enemies Heals

Enemies behave the way they do due to pressure from the evil one. Once we acknowledge that it’s not their fault, we will realize the need to pray for them.  

Science has taught us some diseases can heal. We only need to develop a positive attitude towards people and situations. Some cases of depression are usually a result of an evil spirit taking control of innocent people. The devil likes to interfere with emotions. He knows that if feelings are not taken care of, the pain advances to the physical body.    

Although enemies inflict pain on us, we’re responsible for the consequences. Feelings are invisible. God gave us authority over everything on earth, seen and unseen. We can do everything through Christ, who strengthens us. 

We Command Respect when we Pray for Enemies  

It's usually only a matter of time before God shows our enemies how valuable we are. Praying for enemies prevents their plans from taking off in our lives. The more we pray, the more our enemies give up on the devil. 

There is normally confusion in the enemies' camp when we pray. Imagine that even a mention of the name of Jesus melts the devil! What if we took the time to present our prayers to the Lord? How much would our prayers shake the evil one? 

praying for enemies 2
We earn respect when we pray for our enemies

When our enemies see us thriving, they have no choice but to respect us. 

Satan hates prayer warriors. Unfortunately for him, when we trample him under our feet, he respects us.  

When we don’t pray for our enemies, we dine with them in the same camp. Praying for our enemies gives us an upper hand in the spiritual realm.  

Heaven needs conquerors.  

Praying for Enemies gives us Hope  

The evil one has something against everything God has for us. He has hopelessness in place of the Lord’s hope. We must fight the evil one by keeping our hope alive.  

Hope is the expectation of the outcome of our efforts. We’re not sure whether we will get it or not, but we are certain the Lord will make a way. We also need to be hopeful that the Lord will handle our enemies. When we dwell on their hurts, it’s as if we are doing God’s work with the wrong attitude.

We must take our enemies to the Lord and allow God to take control. 

God gives us strength to overcome the humiliation we face from our enemies. But we need to remember that we have to ask for it!  

We become Fearless when we Pray for Enemies  

Some of our enemies' actions may instill fear in us. But remember, God did not give us a spirit of fear. He gave us the spirit of courage. The Lord went ahead to tell us we should do everything with courage because He will be with us (Joshua 1:9)

Joshua faced lots of challenges, but he relied on God. Moses also struggled!

It’s through perseverance and resilience that God blesses us.  

Don't think too much. Praying for enemies is a problem solver.
When the Lord is in control

Enemies expect us to live in fear. When they notice our fearlessness, they realize we’re dealing with the true God. Praying for enemies causes them to crash. It disorients their plans.

Our work is to weaken the devil’s camp. We don’t need to use force.  

Why Pray for Enemies?  

Our health is dependent on us. Our enemies have nothing to do with it. Praying for enemies not only saves them but also saves us. It lengthens our lifespan.

Our bodies cannot act without getting instructions from our spiritual beings. The spiritual aspects of our lives are the commanders of our instincts. They hold the greatest percentage of our moods.  

Praying for enemies cleanses our souls and shapes our relationships with God. God has positioned us to help Him catch the lost sheep. The heavens rejoice when we pray for our enemies. God created us to serve Him. He rewards obedience. 

Now, what’s your experience with enemies? Please tell us in the comments. 

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