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Who Are Our Enemies? – 3 Unseen Categories

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Enemies will never stop to exist, but it’s our responsibility to ensure their evil actions get blown away. 
The only weapon enemies fear 3

Whenever enemies get mentioned, we think about people who have made us cry. Indeed, it’s painful to remember some of the experiences we’ve had at the hands of the wrong people. 

Enemies existed even in the Bible. The most profound example is the enmity between the Israelites and the Egyptians. David pleaded with the Lord when his enemies made his life difficult. In some cases, he asked God to punish his enemies.  

Reading the Bible often helps us realize enmity is a cycle we need to learn to live with. When we find a way to deal with our enemies, we live a better life.  

It’s important to remind ourselves that enemies are not going anywhere soon. They live among us. Some of them are within our families. Others are in the workplace. Our neighbors can also be our enemies. We also have enemies we do not know!  

So, how should we handle our enemies?  

Let’s first take note that it’s possible to make enemies every day.  

Having said that, are we going to keep off people who wrong us? What if they are people we cannot avoid?

It takes us back to the question, “who are our enemies?” 

These three truths will help us find a way around our enemies and remain happy and peaceful.  

  • The enemies we do not know 
  • Adversaries we know too well 
  • Self-enmity 

Now, let’s have a critical look at each of them.  

The Enemies We Do Not Know

These are people who may not be close to us but have a glimpse of who we are. Such enemies attack people who have what they want. Their enmity does not seem to affect us much because they’re out of our sight and out of our minds.  

The boldness we get when we spend time praying for enemies
When we derive our strength from the Lord, we have power.

We do not feel the impact of their attack as we do not even know it exists. Most of the time, they get away with their plans without us hinting there was someone behind a tragedy. We’re often cautious of strangers, which somehow helps us avoid them.  

These enemies stage both physical and spiritual attacks. As much as we may not know who they are, we ought to realize they are dangerous. We need to ask God for the gift of discernment to help us see beyond.

Next, let’s talk about the enemies we may know.  

Adversaries We Know Too Well

The enemies in this category include family members, neighbors, friends, and colleagues. They’re good to us on the surface but deep inside, they’re against us. Their closeness to us erases any fears. We’re likely not to see the need to be cautious when dealing with them. We have some level of trust in them.  

These are the most dangerous external enemies. They do not need to do any research when they want to attack. They know us in and out. For example, if they know we hold grudges, the evil one uses them to find a way into our lives through that loophole.  

We must make sure they do not get on our nerves. I found the tips in this article quite informative.

Looking at this scenario, they and we, have a problem thus the entry of the evil one.

Now, let’s see if we can be our enemies.  


Self-enmity is equal to saying 'yes' to everything our enemies are pursuing in our lives.  


We can say 'yes' or 'no' to people and things we encounter in our daily lives.  

So, what makes us self-enemies?  

Why enemies will never cease to exist and how to deal with them.
We're better off when we're not enemies of ourselves
  • Unforgiveness. It leads us to hold grudges instead of letting go.  
  • Our relationship especially with people who are subject to us like employees. How do we talk to them? Do we respect or despise them?  
  • Greed. When we’re up to getting what we want, it doesn’t matter who gets hurt in the process.  
  • Pride. How do we behave when we’re at the peak of our lives?  

I guess these few examples are good enough to help us figure out where we could be going wrong. At the time of doing these things, they may look good. The adverse effects come up later.  

Self-enmity gives the evil one a loophole. He inflicts on us situations we would otherwise have trounced.  

How does he do it?  

Let’s use an example.  

He causes us physical or spiritual pain. We may not realize it. He uses people who are close to us as earlier mentioned.  

In short, when we are doing things that the Lord does not agree with, we are enemies to ourselves. We’re vulnerable to any attacks. Doors to our minds, bodies, and souls are wide open and unguarded.  

How to Fight Self-Enmity

So, what’s the elephant in the room? It’s the fact that we haven’t shaped our lives into what God expects of us. We need divine wisdom to befriend ourselves. Catholic Charismatic Renewal movement is one of those groups where we can tap lots of wisdom. It’s available in most parishes and open to all Christians.  

Some of us are not very good when it comes to physical attendance. It’s advisable to interact with other Christians. It helps us better understand the spiritual world. Checking into the adoration chapel is a good alternative when we are unable to be part of church groups. Adoration changed a part of my life forever. It will work for you too. 

When we're always ready, we always win.
Worth a lifetime

If you love the charismatic way of worship, you have another option too. Catholics are more familiar with the quiet way of worship. Jumping around, praising, and clapping for the Lord is right in the Catholic church these days! Of course, supported by scripture! Remember, David, danced until he tore his clothes! Vincentian Ministries has changed millions of lives. If you’re lucky to have it in your country, take advantage! 

Ooh, there is another silent manager who provides 100% results for the Lord’s children. Why not reflect on the works of Mother Mary for a moment? Once you’ve understood how she works, praying with her becomes a norm. Her presence alone maintains peace even where it wasn’t expected. Her power is unimaginable.  

If we’re learning to fight self-enmity, it’s important to note that we will not see change overnight. Consistency will make the difference.  

Key Points

We are responsible for our mental, physical, and spiritual health. Intruders only gain access when we permit them.

Enemies will never stop to exist, but it’s our responsibility to ensure their evil actions get blown away. 

No matter how powerful our enemies could be, their success is dependent on our power to block them. Control is with the Lord. We must be with the Lord to enjoy that power.

We need to realize we are valuable. Enemies do not chase wind; they go after value.  

So, what do we need to work on to make sure our enemies fail in their plans?  

Please tell us in the comments.  

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