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7 Ways the Wondrous Mother Mary Worked 

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The question of why Catholics adore Mother Mary keeps arising in our discussions. Now, we have answers for you. We’re going to look at the events that took place in the presence of Mother Mary.
Where Mary is present, there must be peace! How does it happen?

Mother Mary is a treasure.

The question of why Catholics adore Mother Mary keeps arising in our discussions. Now, we have answers for you. We’re going to look at the events that took place in the presence of Mother Mary. We’ll then be able to relate her work to the honor she receives from Catholics. 

First, we need to recognize her as a valued saint. This All Saints Day article presents a detailed explanation of what a saint is. 

It’s important to note that Catholics do not worship Mother Mary. They honor her for giving the world a savior. 

Let’s begin by looking at the first instance of Mother Mary’s invisible powers: her conception.

Mother Mary’s Conception 

In Mother Mary’s own house in Nazareth, Joseph remained calm despite her misunderstood conception, having been signaled by the angel Gabriel. 

Looking at the revelation of her miraculous conception, it did not begin with Joseph, her husband. Mother Mary informed Joseph she was expectant.  

Despite Joseph’s doubts, He waited for God’s message from the angel Gabriel. 

Mary had the power to make peace in the most sensitive area of her marriage. On an invitation, she can equally make peace in our marriages.  

Jesus participated in peace-making while growing in Mother Mary’s womb. It was a well-coordinated peace-making process between God, baby Jesus, angel Gabriel, Mary, and Joseph.  

Mary Visits Elizabeth

When Mother Mary went to Elizabeth’s house, Elizabeth got filled with the Holy Spirit. The child leaped inside Elizabeth’s womb.  

Elizabeth acknowledged that Mother Mary was indeed carrying the savior and reckoned Mother Mary was such a blessed woman. (Luke 1:39-45). 

Mary lived with Elizabeth for three months. Peace prevailed upon Elizabeth and Zechariah’s family all through her presence. Mary was full of praises for the Lord, as put down in (Luke 1:46–56. 

How virgin Mary invisibly makes peace in our homes
How Mother Mary holds us in her arms when she dwells in our homes

Elizabeth was six months pregnant when Mother Mary began to stay in their home. Mary left three months later when Elizabeth was due for delivery.  

From Zechariah’s praises of the unborn Jesus, we can tell that Mary’s three-month stay in their home was to keep the enemies away from the blessing God had presented to this old couple!  

Zechariah being a righteous man prophesied this (Luke 1: 67-80). Remember baby Jesus was growing in Mother Mary’s womb. So, Jesus was practically in Elizabeth’s home granting her protection from the evil ones.  

The story of Elizabeth, Zechariah, Mary, and the unborn Jesus is an indication that we need to invite both Jesus and Mary into our homes.  

It was at God’s disposal to protect Elizabeth’s pregnancy; He did not have to pitch Mother Mary in their house!  

God did it for us to understand the power that comes with honoring Mother Mary. We need not underestimate her!  

God can do everything without needing the help of anyone. When He uses someone as He did with Mother Mary, we need to dig deeper to find the treasure in it.  

Later, Mother Mary got involved in the success of a wedding.  

At The Wedding in Cana (Luke 2:1-12) 

The couple had invited both Mother Mary and Jesus to their wedding.  

Mary’s attempt to convince Jesus to do something about the inadequate wine proved ineffective. She somehow knew Jesus would do it through the servants. 

For this reason, she instructed the servants to do whatever the Lord tells them. 

Take note that the servants followed Mary’s instructions and the whole event became a success. Without a doubt, Mother Mary mediates our petitions. With her in all our plans, victory is inevitable.  

Eventually, the wedding was a success since there was plenty of quality wine all through the celebration. The undetectable works of Mary continue to unfold in our daily lives.  

Mary walks alongside Jesus, interceding for God’s children. 

The saddest moment came when Jesus handed His disciples over to Mary before His death.  

The Painful Crucifixion of Jesus (John 19: 25) 

During the crucifixion, Mother Mary was present. She did not just appear in the final moments. Mother Mary walked Jesus through His passion. She did it as a mother and as a sign that when invited, she walks us through adversity. 

Mary stayed by Jesus' side until He died. She knew Jesus would resurrect and become the savior of the world. I mean, a good thing would follow the pain.  

There is no pain that is too unbearable for virgin Mary
Mary watched her son Jesus go through His pain from start to finish

We mostly look at Mary’s gesture as a parent-child relationship.  

But what if we get deeper into it?  

What do we see?  

Now, here’s what it is! 

Mary begins her journey with us the moment we invite her. If we do not release her, she stays with us until we succeed.  

The death of Jesus was a success. Likewise, there is always victory after suffering. We just need to patiently wait as Mother Mary dwells in our homes interceding for us.  

I believe this answers the question we keep asking, “why do good Christians suffer?”  

Jesus was good. He suffered. At the end of His suffering, the reward was enormous. The same applies to Christians. Perseverance and patience pay.  

Let’s now look at where exactly Jesus made Mary our mother.  

Mary in Saint John the Apostle’s House 

Jesus presented Mary to John as his mother and John to Mary as her son. John took Mother Mary and began to stay with her as indicated in this scripture.  

Luke 19:26-27; Jesus saw His mother and the disciple He loved standing there; so He said to His mother, “He is your son.” Then He said to the disciple, “She is your mother.” From that time, the disciple took her to live in his home.  

The disciple lived with Mother Mary in his home, yet Mary had her home! It is a sure indication that Jesus wants us to consider Mary, our heavenly mother, and make sure she is part of our lives!  

As much as we strive to give Jesus a place in our hearts, Mary too needs her space in our hearts; she works alongside Jesus. She completes the presentation of the Holy Spirit in all our undertakings.

Where Mary is present, there must be peace! How does it happen?
Mother Mary is a treasure.

Jesus left us the Holy Spirit and Mother Mary.  

Whenever Mary was present, God answered prayers. Let’s see what happened in the upper room.  

Prayer in The Upper Room Before the Pentecost (Acts 1:12-26) 

The apostles frequently gathered in this room to pray together with Mother Mary and other people. During a meeting with the believers after a few days, Peter had seen that it was time for Judas to leave them as per the scripture, and for someone else to replace him. After the death of Judas and the coming of Matthias, the Pentecost followed.  

Pentecost was a major event where the outpouring of the Holy Spirit took place. It was the origin of praying novenas. Considering the disbelief of the believers, the Pentecost must have been the talk of the town at the time.  

It is easy to forget that Mother Mary took part in the preparations before the Pentecost whereas those prayers were vital for the fulfillment of the Pentecost. 

Mary is, therefore, a silent, powerful saint that helps us cross bridges. It makes her honor a hidden treasure. Even those who were outside the room received the Holy Spirit.

The Catholic Charismatic Renewal Movement has tapped lots of wisdom from the descent of the Holy Spirit. It’s been able to help many Catholics improve their faith. It is a great place to find footing in the Catholic church.  

Mary as the Woman of Revelation (Revelation 11:15 – 12:6) 

Mary appeared in the sky, in labor pains, and finally gave birth to Jesus.  

The dragon also appeared in the sky forcing himself into the presence of Jesus to try and snatch Him away.  

With the help of God’s angels, the dragon got defeated!  

Before Mary’s appearance, there were rumbles, flashes of light, and thunder when God’s temple in heaven opened.  

People also saw the covenant box.  

Some people refer to Mother Mary as the New Testament Covenant Box as she carried the Word (Jesus) in her womb.  

It was Mother Mary again in such a victorious event!  

The presence of Mother Mary melts the devil; as some people would call her, the terror of demons. Click here to learn more about our spiritual mother.

However, in every situation, there is always a more visible scene that carries the day. It usually makes it a bit difficult to notice the presence of Mother Mary.  

Summary of Mother Mary’s Power 

Delving deeper into Mother Mary’s history, she is a woman of power. A woman who must be present in every devil’s abode because, with her, we must win! Mother Mary is one of the angels we would want present in all our wars.  

Whether we see it or not, we’re always fighting.  

We encounter challenges in our daily interactions. Mother Mary should, therefore, be part of our lives to ensure we do not give up but succeed in the end.  

I hope these seven scenes give you a clearer picture of what Mother Mary does in our lives.  

Are you content with this explanation?  

Let’s hear what you have to say in the comments.  

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