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All Saints Day – Why We Celebrate It 

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I’m one of those culprits who only began to celebrate “All Saints Day” a few years ago. After realizing how impactful it is, I’m still wishing it could recur several times in a year. I’d make up for the lost years. 
All Saints Day – why it is a day of obligation

Why Saints intercession is the crème of a Catholic’s life

I’m one of those culprits who only began to celebrate “All Saints Day” a few years ago. After realizing how impactful it is, I’m still wishing it could recur several times in a year. I’d make up for the lost years. 

Imagine the drums, harps, and lyres doing rounds in heaven! Angelic beings are busy praising the Lord as scripture states.  

Revelation 5: 11-12 says; Again, I looked, and I heard angels, thousands and millions of them! They stood round the throne, the four living creatures, and the elders, and sang in a loud voice: “The lamb who was killed is worthy to receive power, wealth, wisdom, and strength, honour, glory, and praise!” And I heard every creature in heaven, on earth, in the world below, and in the sea – all living beings in the universe – and they were singing: “To Him who sits on the throne and on the Lamb, be praise and honour, glory and might, for ever and ever.” 

So, why is it coming up on All Saints Day if we are to praise the Lord? Don’t we sing to the Lord every day?  

Let’s examine the scripture closely!  

Every creature in heaven, earth, underground, and in the sea gathered around the Lord singing praises to Him! It’s like gathering around a fireplace on a cold day to get some warmth. 

The saints we celebrate on All Saints Day are part of the celebration! Considering they’re our intercessors, we partake in the feast of all saints to appreciate them.  

Who Are The Saints?

All Saints Day – why it is a day of obligation
All Saints Day - The Silent Redeeming Power

Saints are people who died and made it to eternal life. They denied themselves worldly pleasures to walk in the ways of the Lord. We all know the world is sweet. It has many attractive people, things, and activities. The Saints managed to fight the world for the glory of God. The toughest of them all is the sins of the flesh. It’s unbelievable. We have saints who conquered temptations of the flesh.  

Saint Augustine would probably give an account of his struggle with sins of the flesh in several lectures.

Some saints devoted their lives to prayer and evangelization while on earth. They did not focus on praying for themselves. These saints prayed for everyone and everything. Those who possessed the gift of evangelization did it with a lot of passion. Saint Anthony of Padua happens to be my favorite in teaching the Word of God.  

Others were so empathetic to the extent they gave to charity beyond the expectations of the people who saw them do it.  

The other group of saints experienced unjust suffering for the sake of humanity.  

These few samples take us back to the question, “Who are saints?” 

Saints are virtuous people. At the time of their death, they had an intimate relationship with God. Although some of them had a not-very-good past, they saw the light before they died.  

Saints are people who made extraordinary sacrifices.  

So, what’s our connection to the saints? 

Why do we seek the Intercession of Saints?  

If I would write the story of my salvation, that book would have at least five hundred pages. Given a chance to go into the nitty gritty, I’d produce three volumes.  

A story runs through several years. We have people involved in our failures and those who are part of our successes. Then we have those forces within us that lead us to do good or bad things.  

The saints have volumes of their books stored in their minds.  

What if we had to read all those volumes of books?  

Would we make it to sainthood?  

Seeking the intercession of saints is a way of breaking through in prayer

God has made it simpler for us. He knows we have busy schedules. In every single Passover, the saints are usually part of the Lord's journey. 

So, why should the saints intercede for us?  

Here’s how it works. 

When we intend to pray novenas, the saints peruse the pages stored in their minds. They then deliver their intercession to the Lord while focusing on the tactic they used when they were in a similar situation on earth.  

Remember, they’re spotless. Saints are the Lord’s close friends.  

Let’s look at it practically.  

A young man knocks at the gate. We’d be prompted to ask who he is and what he wants before we open! What if a friend called to inform us, they’ve sent someone to us? We’d confidently open the gate! 

That friend represents the saint. We take the position of the person knocking at the gate. God is inside the house.   

Everything that happens on earth has happened before. Saints committed the same sins we commit today. They diligently serve God after managing to tackle the problems they had on earth. 

Saints are heavenly beings we need to befriend. They have the power to persuade God better than we can.

Why Do We Honour All Saints Day? 

The Catholic church has set aside the first day of November every year as “All Saints Day.” It’s usually an opportunity to thank the saints for their intercession all year round.  

But before we feel the need to honor All Saints Day, we must answer some questions. 

Is All Saints Day a holy day of obligation? 

What do we stand to gain by honoring the day? 

Before we get answers, we are likely not to feel the need to consider All Saints Day important. 


Life has always been a give and take. Very few people give and don’t expect anything in return. The Saints support us without expecting anything from us. But does it mean we should just walk away after getting help?  

Certainly not! 

Let’s take the example of Lent. How has partaking in the whole process of lent impacted our lives? When we honor the event, we’re actually thanking God as we seek more favors.  

"All Saints Day," which we celebrate on the first day of November, may look like a small day. However, it’s one of the celebrations that turns the tables.  

We only need to make time to celebrate All Saints Day by attending mass. It’s a thanksgiving mass to appreciate all the saints for their continuous intercession. 

And why an “All Saints Day?” 

If we attend mass daily, we will realize there are days we celebrate particular saints. Remember, we have millions of saints, and more get added to the list. For us to appreciate all the saints every year, we’ve got to put aside a day! 

Why Must We attend Mass on All Saints Day? 

There has never been and will never be a disconnect between God and humanity. 

Before the existence of man, God worked with angels.  

The genealogy of Jesus helps us understand the sense of belonging. Jesus belonged in a family tree. So do we! 

As the children of our Father, the saints are our brothers and sisters. 

Attending mass on All Saints Day is more like celebrating a birthday, or a wedding anniversary.  

How does it feel to be celebrated?  

It motivates! 

Saints are in heaven and have the authority to pray for us? Would it hurt to spend less than 2 hours every year thanking them, during the “All Saints Day” mass? 

Think about that! 

All saints fall in the category of good people. 

And what does God have to say about good people? 

James 5:16 says, so then, confess your sins to one another and pray for one another, so that you will be healed. The prayer of a good person has a powerful effect. 

Sometimes we’re not good enough to receive what we ask God for. Until that day that we ask a good person to pray for us, we may never get it! 

And who is the best among good people? 

The saints, of course! 

God has sanctified saints and accepted them into His kingdom. They are better placed to pray for us. Likewise, we pray for the souls in purgatory because they cannot pray for themselves. We still have a chance to transform ourselves into living saints, unlike the souls in purgatory. 

Ask any saint to pray for you and be sure they will. Saints are the true image of God. They have embraced the true love God talks about in 1 Corinthians 13

What do we get when we Thank Saints?  

God appreciates us when we thank Him. Remember the story of the ten lepers (Luke 17: 11-19). The lepers got healed on their way to see the priests for examination. Only one out of ten went back to praise Jesus and thank Him. His faith in God obligated him to express his appreciation.  

Apart from the healing, Jesus appreciated the one leper (now healed) for his gesture. The Bible may not say it. Jesus rewarded this man abundantly compared to the nine who did not thank Him. 

If Jesus has feelings, then saints have feelings too! 

When 'thank you' makes more sense yet less realized
When saying thank you makes more sense

Because of the holy nature of saints, they will never refuse to pray for us. Imagine how many times we seek the intercession of saints all year round! 

How do we then give back to the saints? 

Every day, we ask the saints to intercede for us. Throughout the year, however, we may forget to thank the saints. It’s worth honoring All Saints Day to make up for the numerous times we never remembered to thank the saints! 

If I was to be asked, I would say, we should only have one agenda when we attend mass on All Saints Day - thanksgiving to the saints. 

"All Saints Day" qualifies to attract our respect, honor, and appreciation. 

Naturally, we’d get demotivated if we helped someone, and they never bothered to say “thank you." The Saints feel the same. Apart from making the saints happy, God rejoices when we appreciate His work. 

God does great things for us when we honor the “All Saints Day” mass.  

Final Thoughts

We need to normalize the inclusion of “All Saints Day” mass in our schedule every first day of November. God is secretive. We’ll never know what we miss when we don’t treat “All Saints Day” mass with the honor it deserves.  

We cannot always expect. Giving back is a silent commandment.  

Please help us help others by expressing your opinion in the comments. Also, share this great piece to help us reach more people who are looking to understand the importance of All Saints Day.  

2 thoughts on “All Saints Day – Why We Celebrate It 

  1. What a detailed write up on all saints day. I’ve all along been wondering why there is an all saints day. I now understand. I’m especially moved by the giving-back part of it. I’ve never looked at it that way. I surely wouldn’t be happy with someone who is always wanting help and never remembers to say thank you. I’m going to celebrate the day with conviction. Thanks for this heads up.

    1. Hi Genesis. I’m grateful the article has touched you in some way. Thanks for taking the time to read it. Blessings.

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