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Reading the Bible – 3 Remarkable Tips

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Choosing an inspiring book psychologically prepares you for a happy ending. It will encourage you to continue reading the Bible.  
The Word of God has no age limit

The Bible is such an interesting book of literature. If you love history, then it’s going to be easy for you to read the Bible. Reading the Bible is the first step into a massive religious project.  

Ask yourself a few questions: - 

Why have you developed an interest in reading the Bible? 

Do you feel the conviction to get closer to God?  

Is it because you want to grow your faith?  

Are you interested in knowing when events took place in the Bible? 

Could you be on a fact-finding mission?  

No matter your reason for beginning to read the Bible, I’ll give you a procedure that suits your needs.  

Take note of the three phases of the Bible; reading, understanding, and implementing. For you to feel the impact of reading the Bible, the three need to run concurrently.  

It’s good to be mindful of the fact that quality is better than quantity.  

You’d rather read a small portion, understand, and implement what it says than read a whole chapter and get nothing out of it! Or simply forget the whole of it! 

I’ve never forgotten the first Bible verse I read when I made up my mind to get serious about issues that concern God. It was Matthew 5:22. It points out that it’s wrong to call someone a fool! Before God spoke to me through this verse, I used the word ‘fool’ quite often! The verse changed my way of looking at people. I felt elevated from a bad situation! It’s now been two decades. I still remember that day as though it happened yesterday! 

Discover the truth and find a reason to read the Bible often.
We can make reading the Bible a culture.

So, what am I saying?  

Stay calm, move at your pace, and focus on your interest in reading the Bible.  

Now, let’s see which method suits you best.  

Reading the Bible through Stories of the Bible 

Do you find it interesting to read books?  

Are you curious to understand what transpired in past events?  

Do you enjoy reading essays or articles?  

Then you can enjoy reading the Bible one story after another. Start with a Bible character that interests you most. Is it Ruth, David, Solomon, Job, Joseph, Joshua, Ezra, Tobit, Moses, Hannah, or Jeremiah? The list is endless!  

To keep yourself focused on reading more, begin with a character whose story ended up with blessings, healing, or something good! 

It’s more like the way we perceive movie characters to be what they act. Some of them take part in ugly scenes. It’s hard to believe that’s not what they are in real life.  

Choosing an inspiring book psychologically prepares you for a happy ending. It will encourage you to continue reading the Bible.  

The story of Job can be a good bet if you believe in victory after suffering for a long time! It depends on what drove you to the Bible! If you’re experiencing low moments and you need some uplifting, Job’s story will give you hope.  

Reading one book in the Bible is a drop in the ocean if you’re a passionate reader. The book of Job does not mix up events. It’s easy to understand.  

The story of Tobit is another well-arranged narrative of success. You can find it in the Catholic Bible.  

It’s important to list the key points of any story you choose. Coming back to the same story for reference will be much easier.  

Once you’ve understood the story, ask yourself questions and answer them. Examples of questions are: -  

What role did each character play and what was the outcome? 

What if things turned out differently from what the Bible tells us?  

You can ask anything!  

Now, let’s look at the second method you can use to start reading the Bible.  

Bible Reading Through Scripture 

Not all of us have developed a reading culture. Reading the Bible can be challenging. Each of us is a unique creation of God and there is nothing wrong with not loving to read long content! 

Furthermore, if you’re a beginner, the strategy you choose depends on where you are coming from!  

Are you a Christian who only fell out and wants to get back on track? 

Do you want to join Christianity from another religion?  

How much time are you willing to allocate to reading the Bible?

Read the Bible by randomly selecting scriptures.
Reading the Bible can be fun when we make it a habit.

You need to involve all the factors surrounding your day to be able to gear yourself up for the Bible reading challenge! 

Now, what do you want God to do for you?  

Are you timid and looking to be more courageous?  

Could you be suffering from fear?  

Is someone oppressing you?  

There is quite a lot! 

Once you have come up with issues you’d like to deal with, derive the keyword. Ask google questions like Bible verses for courage; Bible verses for fear; or Bible verses for oppression! 

So many people have made it simpler for newbies to understand the Bible by coming up with answers to such queries.  

After reading through the list, go back to your Bible. Remember, you’re trying to reignite your relationship with God.  

Articles are guidelines.  

Within the list, there could be a verse that caught your eye. You probably wondered what that section of the Bible says! 

Once you have read it, evaluate the context in which it was written. Pick out points that can help you sort out your situation.  

If reading the Bible alone doesn’t seem to be working for you, join a Bible study group! 

Reading the Bible through Bible Study Groups 

It’s easier to practice discipline when there is a second or third person involved. Psychologically, you wouldn’t want to be a failure. You’ll commit yourself!  

You know, there is this type of person who works better under supervision. It’s a personality trait that someone has to live with, though God can change it!  

If that’s you, join a Bible study group that suits your schedule. A one-hour weekly Bible study could do since it won’t interfere much with your normal routine.  

Each Bible study group runs its program in the way that suits it the most. Some groups dwell on a particular book in the Bible until they’re done with it. They even have assignments! Other groups, come up with a list of topics they need to tackle and reference the Bible based on that.

Join a Bible Study Group

Some Bible study groups are headed by religious leaders. In such a case, it’s usually more like a teacher-student interaction. If you want someone to teach you, look for such a group.  

In other groups, ordinary Christians share and explain the word during meetings. One such group is the Catholic Charismatic Renewal, suitable for every Christian. Its wings are spreading faster than we ever thought. Most of the time, duty shifts from one person to another. If you’re more comfortable interacting with peers, such a group may be the best for you. There is always something for everyone. 

Bible Backup 

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Before you embark on reading the Bible, be ready to believe the content. God wrote the Bible through people who are not here to defend it. If you want to excessively scrutinize the Bible, you may never get answers to your questions.  

Expect gradual change especially if you’re getting closer to God to solve a problem. Even if you’d like to read the Bible just for growth, try to embrace patience.  

Now, I have a simple request.  

Please say something in the comments. It will go a long way in helping us, or someone else become better Bible readers.  

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