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Who Makes Novenas? 3 – Testimonies 

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Some of our brothers and sisters become Catholics through marriage. Catholics who are stepping into the next level of faith are also likely to ask who makes novenas.
Are you wondering who makes novenas? Read on to get the answer.

Novenas explained

Every day, we have new people joining the Catholic church. Some of our brothers and sisters become Catholics through marriage. Catholics who are stepping into the next level of faith are also likely to ask who makes novenas. Even men and women who come from a weak Catholic background are likely not to understand who makes novenas!

Why the misunderstanding?

Imagine a Pentecostal marrying a Catholic! What about a Muslim convert to Catholicism? Many atheists have become Catholics too! Even after taking catechism classes, people still ask questions!

It takes time to fit into a new system. When we change jobs, we have to go through orientation. Newly married couples also need months or years to know each other in detail. And so is the church.

Are you wondering who makes novenas? Read on to get the answer.
Novenas explained

Now, if you’re one of those persons asking who makes novenas, let me take you through it.

I highlighted the source of novenas in a previous article – Are Novenas Biblical? The Bible triggered the necessity to pray novenas.

The question as to who makes novenas has numerous answers. I’ll sum this up in one word – testimonies.

Inside the Lives of Saints

Every saint made it to heaven because they left remarkable footprints on the earth. We seek to live our lives the way they lived to attain sainthood.

Deliverance Through Saints Who Struggled with Sin 

Some saints struggled with sins we keep committing. They prayed resiliently and God delivered them.  

Let’s look at sexual sin.  

Many saints are now God’s intercessors despite their unpleasant pasts. They employed tactics to come out of sin.  

Reading through their stories, it would be wise to choose the saint that relates to our sin most. Although they got out of sin while on earth, they now have access to more and better ways of dealing with the same sin.  

These saints question God and receive immediate responses. They have access to God's hidden knowledge. It's evident they are aware of which button to press to please the Lord.

God answers our prayers, despite our sinful nature. How about the saints in their innocence?

To solve a problem, sometimes we need assistance.

Imagine yourself in a vehicle accident. You're fully unharmed, but the vehicle has lost its form. It implies that unless certain components of the vehicle are fixed, you can't get out of it.

All you know is that you need to open the door to get out. Moreover, the accident disorients the mind to the extent you wouldn’t comprehend what to do!

When we’re struggling with certain sins, we look normal in human eyes. To God, we're distorted. We need a saint to remove us from the wreck.

The saints are part of God’s army. We’re likely to receive absolution when we finish the novena. In some cases, we see the fruits before the ninth day!

Role Model Saints

Although all saints are role models, I consider those who rose to sainthood through their affection for Jesus a special group.

Let’s take the example of Saint Bridgit of Sweden.

She had all the wealth we crave but still loved Jesus affectionately. There are no traces of any sins she committed.

St. Bridget pleaded with Jesus to know the number of wounds He sustained. She was full of compassion.

To help a needy person, we need empathy. It’s hard to understand why we sometimes prefer selfishness to selflessness. Through the intercession of empathetic saints, our love for people improves. Love for a neighbor is love for Jesus.

When we want to emulate a role model saint, we pray through them.

The Chosen Saints

These are saints who didn’t need to go through a refinery process. God brought them into the world to use them to deliver a message.

In my mind is none other than Saint Faustina. You need to read her diary if you haven’t.

Her story bred the Divine Mercy Chaplet which Catholics pray the world over.

I consider mercy the topmost on the list of petitions.

Irrespective of the situation, we get absolved from our sins by the mercy of the Lord. God overlooks our misbehavior to bless or even heal us. All we need is a contrite heart.

The Lord’s mercy is bigger than we see. Prayed as a novena, the Divine Mercy Chaplet performs beyond expectation.

Having understood how powerful novenas can be, let’s now go back to “who makes novenas?”

The Novena as it Is

We frequently believe that the Catholic church requires us to adhere to the prayers as instructed.


Every prayer has directions. They are comparable to a professor who imparts knowledge while anticipating further investigation from the listeners. The world is not etched in stone.

You now have different points of view after reading the above. You can now read Novena - The Mystery Surrounding It, with confidence. You'll discover information that will clarify who makes novenas.

Remember, it’s about you. What’s your situation? What motivates your desire to do the novena? Have you comprehended its impact? How did you prepare for this? Whoever made or makes the novena depends on your needs.  

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