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Novena for a Financial Breakthrough – 14 Prayers 

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Pray the novena for a financial breakthrough in a special way

God gave wealth to His dedicated children in the Bible. Here are 14 effective prayers. You can pray through them as a novena for a financial breakthrough. They can support and motivate you on your way to success.  

Pray the novena for a financial breakthrough in a special way

If you're not so sure of what a novena is or how to go about it, please get some basic understanding of a novena.

Gratitude for Significant Improvement  

The Creator of the World, I seek your help in creating financial stability for my family. I would want to see a significant improvement over the current situation. For my family's financial well-being, I wish to improve. Please guide me on the appropriate actions I should take to make this happen. I no longer desire to be a slave to debt and live paycheck to paycheck. Amen.  

Prayer to Free Oneself from Debt  

I need your help, O Lord, my Divine Protector, to free myself from these financial bonds. I admit that I have overspent because I have been gullible to marketing messaging. I've let myself become mired in ongoing financial issues. To break these ties, I need insight, a shift in my way of thinking, and new behaviors. Please assist me in regaining control of my finances. Amen.

Asking for financial recovery in prayer  

Father of Lights, help me to come up with a plan to improve our financial situation. I need to make a solid financial strategy to help me get out from under this debt weight. Please assist me in managing my money so that I don't spend more than I earn. I don't want to run out of money. Please provide me with instructions on what I should do. Amen.  

Prayer for a Financial Revolution

Father of miracles, I beg you to start a revolution in my financial situation. Please help me regain control of my finances so that I don't let them rule me. I make a promise that henceforth, I won't ignore the responsibility you assigned me. In sincerity, I repent of the sins that brought me into this situation. Help me to take the essential steps with diligence. Amen.  

The Powerful of Prayer for Change  

Help! My God, I've come to my senses and realized that I can't go on doing what I've been doing. Please help me renew my lifestyle change and improve my money management. Show me how to manage my money better so I can stop letting it slip through my fingers. Change the situation such that I become the lender rather than the borrower by working with me. Amen.  

Seeking Financial Success  

Lord, my Road-maker, I desire to make more money than I have this far. I ask for great growth in my income. I'd wish to contribute to the church and your worldwide mission. Being able to provide for my family will be my great pleasure. I look forward to making future plans with the resources you will provide. Please explain the steps I need to follow to advance. Amen.

Prayer for Prosperity to Grow in a Positive Way  

Lord, my shoulder to lean on, thank you for having a plan for me. I am grateful that You want to honor me and prosper me. You wish to keep me safe from disasters. And now, Lord, I ask for Your guidance as I work with you to enjoy financial freedom. I need your help to work hard to advance to the next level. Amen.  

Vows of Prayer for a Discipline Victory

God of strength, I'll be the first to confess that I lack discipline in spending, budgeting, and saving. This is a major contributing factor to my financial issues. I'm appealing for direction here so I can do the right thing. If I don't achieve mastery, I will always struggle with money, regardless of how much I earn. Please give me the fortitude I need to handle my finances. Amen.  

Prayer for Great Financial Progress  

God, the wise, to help me understand what I need to know about money, I need Your heavenly light. I want to improve my circumstances but I have limited financial knowledge. Please guide me in acquiring the knowledge I need to create a budget. I'd also wish to make the best financial decisions to maximize my return. Amen.

Prayer for Profound Economic Progress  

God of truth, guide me to see where the world's ideals and truth diverge. Help me see that wanting consumer goods status may be a hindrance to financial stability. Through you, I also need to safeguard my spiritual well-being. I shouldn't have to incur debt to get these things. Please assist me in separating the genuine wants and desires of the eyes from those of the flesh. Amen.  

Prayer for Investment Breakthrough

I pray to the Lord, who is the Superintendent of my life, for success in my investments. Help me invest my money to create riches. I'd like to run away from deceptive prosperity. and long-term debt slavery. Help me invest my money and save so that I may get high returns. May I not be a slave to anybody but be able to contribute without restriction. Amen.  

Gratitude for an Exponential Rise

God the Father, I beg you to raise my finances. I ask that You improve my resources via both greater income and a wise investment. I hope that wherever I put my money, I would receive a terrific return and a competitive interest rate. I ask for financial relief in my prayers. Please help me avoid financial pitfalls and dangerous investments. I ask for Your blessing on whatever my hands do. Amen.

Thanksgiving by Claiming Scripture  

Holy Trinity one God, In Matthew 7:7, you told us to ask and you will give us. With faith, I have spoken what’s in my heart. You have already blessed me. Please protect me from any plans of the evil one to devour my financial breakthrough journey. Rid me of laziness. Help me rise up every morning to the belief that you are guiding my steps. Give me the courage to face the challenges I will encounter as I engage my hands to work. Amen.  

Seeking the Intercession of Saints  

As I pray this novena for a financial breakthrough, I know that I alone cannot fight the evil one. I seek the intercession of all the angels and saints and our dear Mother Mary. In a special way, I ask St. Joseph, the custodian of all your wealth, to present my plea before you. As they intercede for me, may you have mercy on my sinful self and save this situation. Amen.  



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  1. Thank you for sharing these prayers. I pray for the deliverance of those in the bondage of debt.

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