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The Undeniable Armor of God – How now?

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As Christ's troops, let's examine each component of this spiritual armor. In it, we see how it could help us fight against the spiritual forces of evil.
When the armor of God is in place, the devil gets displaced.

The confidence that comes with the armor of God is unstoppable.

The Bible depicts a Christian life as a struggle against sin. We are warriors of Christ engaged in a spiritual conflict. The spiritual powers of evil engage us in a battle. We're not fighting against human beings. Paul, the apostle, exhorts Christians to put on the whole armor of God. He goes ahead to reiterate that it helps Christians to resist the devil's schemes.

As Christ's troops, let's examine each component of this spiritual armor. In it, we see how it could help us fight against the spiritual forces of evil. But first of all, we need to have a picture of what the scripture says. 

Ephesians 6: 14-17: So, stand ready, with TRUTH as a BELT tight round your waist, with RIGHTEOUSNESS as your BREASTPLATE, and as your SHOES, the readiness to announce the GOOD NEWS of peace. At all times, carry FAITH as a SHIELD; for with it, you will be able to put out all the burning arrows shot by the evil one. And accept SALVATION as a HELMET and the WORD OF GOD as the SWORD which the Spirit gives you.

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Belt of Truth 

What holds the armor of God together? Our individual commitment to the truth takes the lead. Living an upright, transparent life constitutes the package.

Truth functions as a belt in this manner. Your honesty and integrity are key components of your Christian life. You should let others know that they can rely on you to act morally and with integrity.

Among all the components of the armor of God, truth is the umbrella that allows you to put in place the others. It is the reason God gave it the first position. It’s impossible to be righteous without being truthful. To receive all the other five components of the armor of God, you have to be truthful. 

Breastplate of Righteousness 

Try to be a bit literal. Where are the breasts positioned? Imagine them covered with a plate! Then get back to God’s reference to the plate as righteousness!


The breastplate protects the heart and other critical organs. Keep your heart with all attention, for matters of life flow from it, the Bible advises. That is what your justification in Christ does. Christ shields you from all Satan's accusations by it. No one of us is virtuous in and of ourselves, according to the Bible.

When we live by the Lord's standards, He offers us His righteousness; the breastplate.

Truthfulness gives way to righteousness.

Shoes of the Gospel

Soldiers must put on a pair of comfy shoes before going to battle. We must put on our gospel shoes as soldiers of Christ if we are to follow the Lord wherever He leads. This is what John asserts. "Anybody who claims to have abiding faith in Jesus must walk in imitation of him." The adversary will try to put hurdles in our way. Through Jesus, we will move forward in obedience.

Why did God tie the gospel to a pair of shoes?

The wonderful news does not have to remain a secret. God wants us to spread His message. To disseminate the good word, we must travel from location to location. It doesn't have to be too far. Find out where God has sent you. It might be in the neighborhood!

Shield of Faith

"Above everything, grab your shield of faith, said, Paul. It will assist you in keeping the devil's chaff away." The shield of trusting that God is at work stops doubts and Satan's evil efforts. Faith provides us the willpower to resist temptation. We learn to stick with Jesus. It becomes easy to withstand the devil's attacks because we are aware of who we have believed.

The armor of God as a way of life

This religion does not live inside us. It was a gift from God to us. He grants each of us a security level of his choice. As we walk with Him, that faith deepens and strengthens. It gets to a point where it turns like a shield. The faith then defends us and enables us to live a triumphant life in Christ. 

Paul encountered such a situation. He said it’s no longer he who lives but Christ lives in him. Towards the end of his life, he said he fought a good fight and finished the race. These were words of confidence in the Lord. 

Truthfulness and righteousness are key factors in building a strong faith.

The Helmet of Salvation

The most significant component of our body is our head. It is guarded by the helmet. Satan's deceptions won't work on us if we have faith in God for our salvation. There will be peace around us that nothing can sabotage. We must be certain that we belong to Christ and that He has pardoned our sins.

Were we saved by Jesus? Is that certain?

Yes! Jesus is trustworthy, and His decisions are always right. If we confess our sins, He cleanses us of all unrighteousness and pardons us. According to the Bible, God has given us life that will continue forever, and this life comes through His Son.


We wear helmets on our heads. Our brains are responsible for processing all the data that helps us make decisions. God wants us to believe in His salvation. It guards what gets into and out of our heads; our thoughts. We’re safe when God controls our minds.

Sword of the Spirit

Only one offensive weapon is mentioned in God's armor: the sword of the spirit. The rest are all defensive in character. During the desert temptation by the devil, Jesus utilized this strategy. Jesus retaliated to each of Satan's attempts to get Him to commit a sin, saying, "It is written. . . " and then started quoting the Bible to refute Satan's temptations. God's Word is accurate. It is so strong because of this. It is crucial that we read the Bible and get familiar with its principles and force. In his letter, David said, "Your word is a candle to my feet and a light to my path”. 

A sword pierces. We are right when we use the Word of God to pierce the devil. Satan lives in humans. When pierced, they may feel offended but we have to remember our truthfulness as our first armor.   

 Let’s be careful not to use scripture to suit our selfish desires or please people, but implement it in favor of the Lord.   

The Whole Armour of God in Summary 

Each piece of God's armor comes before the previous in a certain order.

We cannot consider ourselves virtuous without accepting the truth.

If we are not righteous, the devil will make sure that we do not comprehend God's Word. How does that impact us? We are unable to uphold or spread the Word.

Simple! If we are unable to comprehend the Word, God may not include us among the saved.

Our salvation gives us the assurance to confront the Evil One with the truths of Scripture.

You must have an interest in donning God's armor if you've read this far. It's not easy to travel the journey alone. You need a hand to hold through it. Vincentian Ministries is my suggestion. You will yearn for more.

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