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Raising Godly Kids – 7 Fundamentals 

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Rome was not built in a day. Likewise, a child cannot bond with Jesus in a day. Ask yourself this; "What values would I like to see in my children 20, 40, or 50 years from today?"
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Raising Godly kids is an uphill task. Most Christians are quite passionate about teaching their children to love Jesus.  

Even before I had kids, God put it in my heart years ago to make a plan for my children. I didn't think of sharing it with other parents at the time. I encourage other parents to develop a parenting plan that emphasizes spiritual development.  

Alongside a plan, we implemented a few potential activities to help us bring up our children well.  

One of the things we hoped to see in our kids was that they would follow Christ. We wished to impart in them heavenly values.  

These are some concrete ideas we considered for the planned spiritual growth section.  

Kids have unique characteristics. You may thus make adjustments to meet your plan. It depends on your circumstances.  

Raising Godly Children in the 21st century

What we did was this.  

And, this far, with grown children who adore and serve Jesus, it is succeeding by God's grace.  

These are sensible recommendations for any parent.  

7 ways to raise Godfearing Children 

Recognize that it is uncommon for parents to raise holy children by mistake.

You will need to plan and put in place strategies. Hope needs action as an accompaniment. You can't hope that the Bible will have an influence on your kids' lives. You'll need to put forth everyday effort. Going to church or Sunday school is not enough. Remember, the church begins in the family.

Work and life pressures are increasing by the day. Allocating family time still remains a priority. It requires discipline and commitment.

Going against the prayer work plan soon turns the home into a prayerless home. I'd suggest that you keep to your prayer schedule. Raising Godly children is a journey. It has a beginning, a course, and a destination.

Be aware of the image you want your child to have as an adult.  

Christ is the main role model we use because we want our children to be like Him. We discuss Jesus. He isn't a mere Sunday visitor; he is a familiar face in our house.

Rome was not built in a day. Likewise, a child cannot bond with Jesus in a day. Ask yourself this; "What values would I like to see in my children 20, 40, or 50 years from today?" You need to cultivate your vision right from childhood. Make it a daily routine.

I have felt low on several occasions but when I look ahead, I realize I'm in control. I'm my boss.

Luckily, the Catholic church has so many prayers in black and white. These have come in handy when empty. They help me pray until I regain the momentum to face the Lord with zeal. Never imagine you suffer from low moments alone, it's all over.

Vibrant prayer groups like the Catholic Charismatic Renewal have kept me on my toes.

Discover sound lessons in God's Word.  

Boys appear attracted to stories of action, even violence to a certain extent. Girls are calmer though. They prefer tales related to home care. Of course, we wanted our children to comprehend such concepts in light of the Bible. And the Bible is chock-full of fascinating tales.  

We examined the personalities of the Bible. Some of them followed God all the time. Others didn't. The majority fluctuated between believing in God and doubting Him. We often read the books of Sirach, Wisdom of Solomon, and Proverbs with our children. They were beneficial for instilling wisdom in our youngsters. We discussed biblical tales and their relevance to our lives today.

We have also learned quite a lot from Vincentian Ministries. It has always felt refreshing to hear the Word of God from such dedicated principles. It's a pilgrimage of its kind.  

Talk to your children about the qualities you want them to have.  

We determined what was most crucial for each child to study that particular year, each year. During discussions, we brought up character-related subjects. I mean real-life scenarios. They felt free and enjoyed the lessons.  

It's easy to instruct young children. Once they get to teenage and young adulthood, changes may occur. The Holy Spirit has to be the link between parents and children. It helps children to maintain a respectful relationship with their parents. You need to keep the Holy Spirit busy and happy.

Some private covenant time with God will do you the jig. It's a moment of growth. You get intimate with the Lord. It is that time when you get personal.

Praying as an individual precedes family prayer. Alone time helps you tap important values to share with your family. It also boosts the power of the Holy Spirit in you. You then find it easy to convince your kids in the direction of the Lord.

Be prepared to advance in your understanding of who Christ is.  

Our knowledge of who Christ is and how He interacts with us and the rest of the world has expanded over time. We included our children in the transitions we underwent. We didn't hesitate to admit our errors or the fact that we lacked the solutions.  

Christ is a mystery. We have a responsibility to unravel the hidden treasures. That's where we find the material we need to use to build our children.

The only thing that can foster virtue is God's favor, which every child has the capacity to refuse. Put God first and do whatever you can to safeguard your children.  

Have primary spiritual growth concepts in mind for each youngster.

 Some of them are: 

How to communicate with God.  

What it entails to study God's Word.  

How crucial prayer is.  

Submitting to God's will in action.  

To incorporate the Bible into daily lives.  

Raising Godly Children in the marketplace

A market is an open place. Everyone goes there to sell their goods or buy stuff. The world is a marketplace. Whether we like it or not, we are part of it.

God did not promise us a problem-free world. He promised to be with us during adversity. Children need to know what happens in the marketplace. They are safer knowing than staying in the dark.

It's dangerous for kids to discover what you've never told them as a parent. Family discussions away from prayer time are great information moments. Every question the children raise requires a correct answer. A lie is a sin. Sin can only breed sin.

There is much more to raising Godly kids as you will read here.

Parting Shot

Raising Godly kids is a rocky journey with a focus on the destination. It is a process that starts somewhere and has to move in the right direction. An effort is key in raising children who will allow you to wear the crown of "aging gracefully." We can all do it. 

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