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Vincentian Ministries – The Perfect Solution  

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Vincentian Ministries; the talk of the Catholic church, where we find value for our entire life both on earth and in heaven.

A great solution to our worries

Like every other parish in the Catholic church, Vincentian Ministries was founded under the patronage of Saint Vincent De Paul. He was known for charity and reforming the way in which the clergy was prepared for the priesthood. Should you be interested in knowing more about this admirable saint, click here.

Saint Vincent de Paul planted the seed. Vincentian ministries have carried on his legacy which we see in the results of their work. Like the Bible says, train a child in the way he should go and he will never deviate from it. No one person walks into any prayer house affiliated with Vincentian Ministries and walks out the same. A positive change is inevitable.  

When you hear anything to do with the Vincentians, you get curious. In that curiosity, you find your way. The Vincentian Congregation has detailed its interesting history and listed its retreat centers.

One more thing!

 The doors to the Vincentians are open to everyone irrespective of denomination or religion.

How do Vincentian Ministries operate? 

Vincentian ministries are the backup of the Catholic church. We go through all the procedures of the Catholic church in our parishes and go to Vincentian to add some knowledge to it. Knowledge is power.  

They major in teaching, reparation, and deliverance.  

Without understanding the word of God, we are likely to attend mass as a formality or feel nothing when we miss mass. At the Vincentians, we are made to understand the reasons behind everything we do in the Catholic church. Once we realize they all make sense, we get more serious about our faith. In that seriousness, we become victors in the fight against the evil one.  

The Catholic Charismatic Renewal is another wing of the Catholic church that works like the Vincentian Ministries though by lay Catholics. There are slight differences but the end goal is one; a good relationship with Christ. It is available in most parishes and, therefore, good for a consistent engagement with God.  

vrc 1
Vincentian Ministries - Thika retreat center

We are not doing anything to make God’s life better. Our efforts are meant to shape our lives. God remains intact whether we choose Him or not. His only worry is because he understands what it means to snub Him.  

At Vincentian Ministries, the priests never tire to save us from the devil’s cunningness. It is temporary, and its permanence has no return ticket. We can only return to the Lord in our physical lives. The Vincentians have mastered the art of persistence. In their teachings, they tell us the truth with love. In that love, we feel appreciated the way we are. We are then compelled to seek reparation by instinct. Walking out the way we came in is impossible.  

How do the Vincentians impact our lives? 

We can never answer this question enough. Even writing a book about Vincentian Ministries could only be a drop in the ocean. It is large. One sitting is never enough. We need to make it a lifestyle to visit Vincentian Ministries.  


We will solve a problem today. Since we keep interacting with people, we are likely to need more grace to handle the situations we encounter on the journey of life. Many times, we walk into the Vincentian grounds worried about issues that have answers in the Bible. As large as the Bible is, we may find it difficult to spot the relevant verses. The Vincentians do not just talk us into it. They use scripture after scripture to authenticate their teachings.  

To become a committed Catholic who has no regrets, we would have to stop procrastinating and head straight to the nearest Vincentian Ministries.  

Something we never get to realize! 

The devil strives to allocate us other sweeter responsibilities on the dates we intend to go to Vincentian. He knows the moment we get there; he loses. In other cases, he comes up with a problem to divert our attention. When we allow skepticism to win, we give him the way. The cult has taken advantage of humanity due to such simple ignorance.  

To discern the evil plans, we’ve got to make the first step to Vincentian Ministries. It does not mean we cannot acquire this important gift during mass. Some of us need extras just like some children need remedial classes to perform better.  

Is it true that Miracles happen at Vincentian? 

It all depends on our definition of a miracle. To some of us, it could mean healing from a stubborn cough. Others may look at it as a major financial breakthrough.  

But what really is a miracle? 

Vincentian Ministries;  the talk of the  Catholic church,  where we find value  for our entire life  both on earth  and in heaven.
A great solution to our worries

The little gifts of advice that make tomorrow better than today are miracles. Major miracles are born from our appreciation of the miracles we receive every day. A lack of appreciation of the miracles we need will never open a door for the miracles we want.  

The Vincentian Ministries do not base their preaching on miracles. Their teachings focus on character formation. The Lord only pours out His miracles on the morally upright. In other words, The Vincentians walk us through the journey of becoming what God expects us to be. Thereafter, we can experience miracles according to the will of God.  

Sadly, walking into Vincentian with a focus on financial breakthrough may not change anything. A positive change of character changes everything.  


When we want to buy an asset, we always consider value for our money. At Vincentian Ministries, we find value in our entire life both on earth and in heaven. To add to that, we selflessly share the same value with our children and the people we relate with daily. How about that?  

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