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Spirit of Rejection – 3 Adjacent Views

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The spirit of rejection fights love. It holds us hostage preventing us from heeding the commandment of love. Once love ceases to exist, the family crumbles to the joy of the devil. 
Why the spirit of rejection should never define you

The spirit of rejection lives on

The spirit of rejection has existed since time immemorial. It is an evil instigated by the presence of the spirit in the person who rejects the other. If nobody takes the initiative to crush the spirit, it may run through generations.  

The spirit of rejection fights love. It holds us hostage preventing us from heeding the commandment of love. Once love ceases to exist, the family crumbles to the joy of the devil. 

The spirit of rejection has often been cited as a source of pain for many people in healing and deliverance ministries.  

Many are the times we consider the existence of the spirit of rejection to be in the person who needs healing and deliverance.  

But I just thought of this! 

The main player in the rejection of the culprit could be the one hosting the spirit of rejection! Sadly, they may not want to hear anything related to healing and deliverance.  

So, while we exorcise the complainant, they continue to face the same challenge. 

Now, how do we continue to support this person! 

First of all, let’s look at how disastrous the spirit of rejection can be whether in one or both parties.  

When we erroneously feel rejected 

Sometimes the people we accuse of rejecting us have no idea they are serving the spirit of rejection. Back in our minds, we feel they’re treating us with contempt when it may not be the case! 


Spirits distort the subconscious mind.  

Why the spirit of rejection should never define you
The spirit of rejection lives on

What we feel about ourselves might not be the same thing running in the minds of those we are accusing! Once we develop a notion that they dislike us, we will treat everything they tell us or do to us with caution.

  • When they are 99% sure it’s discipline, we think it’s oppression.
  • If they’re trying to avoid us probably because of incompatibility issues, we convince ourselves they hate us. At times they cannot do something with us or in our presence since our personalities differ when it comes to specific ideologies. They’d prefer engaging someone else instead. It’s all out of goodwill but we get it wrong.
  • Once in a while, they lovingly avoid sharing some sad information with us for fear of our reaction. We feel left out and wonder why every other family member knew it except us. Then we conclude we are not loved.
  • Poor performance in our studies can decide to make us believe our parent's love for us has dwindled when it’s not the case.  

This list can go on and on and on.  

In such a case, there is an illusion in our subconscious minds. It’s a spirit of rejection that shouldn’t even be there in the first place! 

And what does this do to us? 

We feel worthless. 

Rejection kills self-esteem. The death of self-esteem is the beginning of losing opportunities.   

Low self-esteem is usually a planted seed that grows over time. It then becomes a nightmare uprooting the tree we planted! 

How to deal with imagined rejection 

Disillusionment steals our self-worth. Sharing our story with the right people helps us stop living a lie and begin to be just what we are. To deal with an imagined spirit of rejection entails wearing the other's shoes and imagining what we would have done if we were them. If we’d just have done what they did, then it means we are the problem and we need to fix ourselves.  

In the process of fixing ourselves, we need not forget that all power to make amendments comes from above. Taking our private covenant time more seriously can lead to inexplicable change. After all, we only have to deal with ourselves and not the accused.  

True rejection 

In this case, it’s never an imagination but reality. The spirit of rejection truly dwells in the accused.  

And why does it weigh us down? 

Because we do not know how to handle them! 

Many times we don’t see it coming especially if the person has never rejected us before. As we are still thinking it’s just a passing cloud and they will change, they get worse.  

It gets to the extent of them threatening our lives. For fear of untimely death, we leave them. In some cases, they ask us to give them space.  

The spirit of rejection is the devil’s plan to work against love to distort the Lord’s plan. It finds its way into us or our loved ones when we are not praying enough. Enough here does not mean quantity but quality.  

This Catholic Charismatic Renewal write-up helps with evaluating enough prayer. It helps grab the spirit of rejection early enough to scatter the plan of the devil.  

People we never expected could reject us, and do so, against their will. Unfortunately, they are usually under the confines of evil powers unknowingly. 

In this case, we are usually up to the task God brought us together to do, but they are no longer interested.  

Now, let’s see what happens when we are both infested.  

The Spirit of Rejection in the duo 

Not very often, do we find ourselves handling cases where none of the two is ready to tone down? Tempers flare and before we know it, they’re baying for the blood of each other.  

If it’s a marriage we say ‘it can no longer work.’ 

That is how powerful the spirit of rejection is when given a chance.  

It builds into grandiose and both parties look at themselves as able to live without the other. Whether parent-child, husband-wife, or any other relationship, the ego supersedes the love and hell breaks loose.  

Now, let’s see how to handle the different types of rejection. 

How to handle rejection beyond oneself 

We need to, first of all, accept that we have to change ourselves before we change others.  

Secondly, we ought to flashback and figure out the good that comes from rejection. Even in the Bible, all those who handled their rejection with humility turned out better than their counterparts who gave the spirit of rejection some space in their lives. God wiped their tears.  

You are not Rejected’ is a book that really made a difference in my life. I believe it can teach all of us to understand how the spirit of rejection in our enemies works for our good.  

The moment we understand that we will remain still and know that He is the Lord. It may take time but thereafter, we will experience the Lord both in ourselves and in those who rejected us.  

Humility brings positive change in abundance.  

Wrap Up 

The likelihood of facing rejection our entire life is high. The spirit of rejection is not going anywhere soon. Considering even Jesus faced rejection and carried the cross to liberate us, rejection is going nowhere. We have to live with it.   

People will reject us in school, in the workplace, or in society, but we should have a shoulder to lean on.   

Come to think of this.  

What is the definition of a home?   

It is a place where we find solace. After a challenging long day, home needs to welcome us. We find the strength to fight the next day's issues knowing there is someone who can encourage us at the end of the day.   

What we need is the grace to identify the spirit of rejection and deal with it immediately. While giving the culprits some calculated space, we also need to pray for them.  

In the likely event that we find it hard to handle our rejecters with love, then we need someone to hold our hands through the healing process.  

We have all experienced and handled the spirit of rejection differently. What can you tell someone who is struggling with rejection?  

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