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Pray in the Spirit – 10 Pointers

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Pray in the Spirit - What's the difference?

When we make it a routine to pray in the Spirit, we get fulfilled

We’re going to learn how to pray in the spirit, but first, we need to understand some facts.  

Quality prayer entails a deep connection with God at the time of prayer. It translates to a deeper relationship with God. If we’d like to pray in the spirit, we must be interested in getting to the holy of holies.  

In a nutshell, the holy of holies is that moment when our spirit entirely controls our prayer. Let me call it spirit versus spirit. The Spirit of the Lord meets our spirit directly. It’s at that point that the Lord performs miracles. Healings, breakthroughs, protection, and much more happen in the holy of holies.  

Practically looking at it, when we pray, we urge the Lord to descend.  

Take the example of our homes.  

We have different categories of visitors. Some visitors don’t go beyond the gate. Others get to the compound. We finish up with them and release them. The next category of visitors goes up to the living room and the only other place they can visit is the washroom. Some visitors are closer enough to warrant their entry into the kitchen. Others have won our trust to the extent we can allow them into our bedrooms.  

Guests who enter the bedroom qualify to narrate our stories from start to finish. They know almost everything about our lives. To pray in the Spirit is to intimately engage the Lord.

If anyone would question the visitors we meet at the gate concerning our homes, they wouldn’t answer.  

So, what’s the point here? 

Pray in the Spirit - What's the difference?
When we make it a routine to pray in the Spirit, we experience the Lord's goodness more often

If we desire to pray in the spirit, we want to let God into our bedrooms. I don’t mean the bedrooms we sleep in, but the bedrooms in our minds, bodies, and souls. We want to surrender ourselves entirely to the Lord.  

What do we need to do as Catholics to be able to pray in the spirit?  

Pointers towards Praying in the Spirit 

We’ve always wondered why some of our brothers and sisters fervently pray compared to us. When they pray, we feel the presence of the Holy Spirit and wish we could pray like them. Somehow, no matter how hard we try, we find it difficult to pray like them. That difficulty suggests there is a barrier.  

We are living in times when the evil one is using very crude means to devour us. Gone are the days when we met people who directly asked us to join the cult in exchange for money. They realized some of us wouldn’t give up our lives for money. These days, they force us into their evil ways while at the same time ensuring we don’t know their intention. By praying in the spirit, we defeat the devil’s intentions.  

Now, let’s look at these points.  

Know the secrets of the devil 

How does it feel when God warns us of a looming disaster before it happens? Nobody wants to be caught unaware! Unfortunately, when we don’t pray in the spirit, the likelihood of becoming victims is higher.  


Because we tend to trust everyone.  

With a few tips on how the cult operates, we can escape the devil's traps. 

Understand how the evil one operates 

Sometimes, the evil one is usually within our minds, bodies, and souls, and we don’t even get to realize it. God rewards our struggles when we strive to pray in the spirit.  

Imagine hammering a wall every day with determination but without much success!  

I’ll not cheat you it’s easy to notice the evil one within ourselves. The more we hammer, the closer we get to the Lord. Praying in the spirit is something we need to practice.  

As we work hard to break through, we need to understand bondage and deal with it with the magnitude it deserves.  

Mark the importance of getting married in the church 

Marriage is not valid in the eyes of the Lord unless He officiates it. When God is not part of our marriages, the devil is. Whether we attend mass or not, we look more like escorts. It feels sad not being able to participate in the whole process of mass.  

It’s important to deal with what is preventing us from marrying in the church at the soonest.  

We’ve heard people say, their inner eyes opened when they wedded in the church. We tend to imagine they’re crazy until we marry in the church. I was a victim. Trust my word.  

A planner for our prayer life is a must-have 

You don't necessarily have to use a hard copy. If your interest to pray in the Spirit is high, you'll never forget to pray even without a planner.

pray 3

We ought to show the Lord we want something for Him to give it to us. God does not work alone and then promises to give us free things; no! He involves us in the process.  

Now, this is what we need to do.  

We need to make effort to go deeper in our faith.  

The first step is to become a committed Catholic. This article guides us on the requirements to make the step.  

Pray in the Spirit with others 

Where two or three are gathered in the Lord’s name, He’s always present.  

Why would the Lord speak of two or three and not one? As much as we pray alone and God listens, we need to make time to pray with others. It gives us a chance to learn, know our level of spirituality, and improve where need be.  

And where is that place? 

The Catholic Charismatic Renewal is a group we need to join if we need growth. It is that place where lay people pray in the spirit to the shock of newcomers. The group keeps us on our toes. 

We need to take confession seriously 

My friend said she drives for a long time to seek confession away from her parish. I found it both hilarious and comforting at the same time.  


She runs away from the priests who know her too well. It does not imply she’s too sinful but she feels more private away from home! In fact, she gave me an idea.  

I love the Catholic church since it allows us to take our confession sacrament anywhere. When it becomes a norm, we cannot hesitate the blessings it brings upon us and our families.  

Let fasting be part of our routine 

If there is anyone who needs some strokes of the cane for ignoring fasting, it's me. I made excuses for the longest time. Little did I know what I was missing.  

The moment I began to fast, God revealed quite a lot. Thereafter, blessings began to flow in bits. In short, my fasting opened doors. We hardly ever know we are locked up in a cage until we involve serious fasting in our prayer life.  

We don’t always have to wait for the Lenten season to fast. However, if we decide to fast only during the Lenten Season, we need to be serious about it. It pays. I’ve earned from fasting. The story is too long. I can only explain it to satisfaction in a book.  

Rethink the holy days of the Catholic Church 

Let’s leave Easter and Christmas for now.  

Do we attend mass on saints' day and souls' day?  

These two days are very important in the Catholic church.  

The souls in purgatory cannot pray for themselves. Some of them are our relatives. They’ve only been allocated one mass in a year. Is that too much to ask, knowing we sometimes forget to pray for the souls? Imagine having saints in heaven who know us in person! Won't they pray for us more often?

We need to fight on our knees to convince God to let our relatives into heaven! 

Saints' Day gives us a chance to honor the saints for their intercessory prayers. Just like we love gratitude, the saints do too. When the saints feel appreciated, they pray for us more. Honoring All Saints Day is rewarding. 

Participate in all the added advantages 

We see job vacancies on dailies with tags like “if you have this or that, you have an added advantage.” When interviewees attend the interview, those with added advantages are likely to be shortlisted.  

Even God has added advantages for all people who partake in programs that are not compulsory. Examples of these are attending daily mass, pilgrimages, and adoration. Priests talk about them but they leave the decision to us. They only insist on attending Sunday mass which is directly stated in the Bible.  

It’s advisable for us to partake in Eucharistic Adoration at least once a week; spending an hour with Jesus.  

Receive the Holy Eucharist 

Receiving the body of Christ is allowing the blood of Jesus to mix with our blood. He becomes part of us. It is the closest we get to Jesus.  

It is possible to pray in the spirit without receiving the Holy Eucharist. Even protestants pray in the spirit. God understands why He sometimes gifts people in the order He decides. But rightfully receiving the Holy Eucharist boosts the performance of anyone who has taken all these points seriously.  

It’s possible we’re already partaking in some or all of these ten points. But if we are still unable to pray in the spirit, the message is clear. We need to polish some areas to make way for the Lord.  

Let’s have this little verse with a big message guide our decisions.  

Psalms 85: 13 – Righteousness will go before the LORD and prepare the path for Him.  

Now, let’s embark on the prayer pattern.  

Tips for Praying in the Spirit

A car starts off slowly, picks up, and increases its speed.  

When we pray in the spirit, we behave in the same way as the car. The momentum changes as we continue to pray.  

We need to believe we can pray in the spirit before we ask God to help us do so.  

Scroll back to the top and look at the example of converting our bodies into a house with different rooms. That’s exactly what God meant when He walked Ezekiel deep into the water. Our prayers must be deep. God must feel us.  

pray 2
Our prayers must be deep. God must feel us.

Look at these promises! 

Matthew 7: 7 – Ask and you will receive; seek, and you will find; knock, and the door will be opened to you.  

Luke 1: 37 – For there is nothing that God cannot do. 

Jeremiah 32: 27 - I am the LORD, the God of the whole human race. Nothing is too difficult for me. 

We manage to pray in the spirit when we constantly purify ourselves and live our lives according to the Lord’s desire. It all depends on our efforts.  

After all, two cars destined for one place may leave at the same time. One may break up on the way. The driver could be slow. In such a case, the two will not get to the destination at the same time! 

Praying in the spirit is a practical encounter that we experience differently. It’s fulfilling and gives us confidence. We not only feel but know God has heard our prayers.  

We need to hang out with people who pray in the spirit to learn how to do it. Gradually, with practice, we will find ourselves praying in the spirit. We feel like we’re not in the same place. It’s such a marvelous feeling.  


We may not be perfect to score high from all the above points. However, God rewards effort. When we do what it takes to polish one area, He moves us to the next. In the process, our desire to pray in the spirit begins to manifest. It continues to grow as we add more righteousness into the pot.  

Would you like a friend to pray in the spirit too? Tell them to tell someone by sharing this post.  


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