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Prayer For The Mentally Challenged

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Mental illness is the least understood in society. Before it matures, it is not easily noticeable. There is no physical pain associated with it. The mind is simply sick.
Why the mentally challenged should be our concern

Mental illness matters

The mentally challenged are deficient in prayer more than anyone else in the whole human race.  


We need our minds to coordinate all activities including prayer.

What if the mind is in shambles?

Would it be possible for the mentally challenged to pray for themselves?


What if nobody prays for them?

The problem carries on and on and on!

Irrespective of the problems we encounter, we can always pray for ourselves, except for those with mental illness.

Even people who are lying still in the ICU can pray for themselves! For those who are praying for breakthroughs, healing, and deliverance from life’s awful situations, prayer is a walkover.

Now go back to the title of this post.

I’m not speaking to the mentally challenged.

Let’s address this issue by trying to wear the shoes of the mentally challenged.

Have you ever had a sore throat, cough, or fever? What does the doctor tell you when he prescribes your medicine? If one of the medicines causes drowsiness, the doctor will advise you to avoid driving.


You are likely to get drowsy on the road and cause a mess!

Now, did you know that mentally challenged people who are permanently on medication are drowsy most of the time? When they don’t get enough sleep, it even gets worse!

Imagine your father, mother, daughter, or son suffering when you can dedicate time to pray for their stability or healing. Leave uncles, aunts, and friends out of this for now. It is easier to pray for the closest blood relations.

Before you understand why you do not just need to pray but PRAY PROPERLY for the mentally ill, get a picture of what it is!

What Is Mental Illness?

Mental illness is the least understood in society. Before it matures, it is not easily noticeable. There is no physical pain associated with it. The mind is simply sick.

Allow me to explain mental illness from a layman’s point of view.

What does diabetes entail?

Sugar levels surpass their normal either upwards or downwards. Since it presents with physical changes, the patient can explain what they feel and get attention. Diabetes can get to fatal levels if not addressed on time. Medication is necessary to balance their sugar.

Now, let’s have a look at the hormonal imbalance in women.

When we have excess hormones, we develop tumors. How many women have had to undergo surgery for the removal of fibroids? Quite a large percentage! The problem has to be solved or maintained.

Back to mental illness!

If you’ve ever had a knee dislocation, you know how it pains. Until you fix it, your life gets to a standstill. If you’ve ever driven a car with worn-out brake pads, you know what I mean.

Likewise, we have to fix mental illness.

But how do we fix what we do not understand? This article by the experts explains mental illness and site examples.

Let’s look at some of the reasons mental illness makes the affected cringe.

Why The Mentally Challenged Withdraw From People

I started by citing mental illness as the least understood. Right from the closest family members, instead of trying to help the situation, we demonize the affected.

We assume the mentally challenged are pretending and handle them as pretenders. The mentally ill feel rejected.  They opt to stay alone most of the time.  

When suicidal thoughts begin to run through their minds, we blame them further. We go to the extent of telling the mentally challenged to commit suicide if they so wish.

Now, if family members reject them, what about society? It’s worse!

The imbalance in their minds gets worse and could lead to suicide.

Why the mentally challenged should be our concern
Mental health matters

We all occasionally get confused. I carried a book to the hospital when I had to stay in the hospital for close to a week after surgery.

You can’t believe I did not open it.

I was always looking forward to the day I’ll leave the hospital. The mind switched to a different direction.

What if I told you the mentally challenged experience moments of confusion almost all the time? Without a doubt, they may not be able to pray for themselves. They need our intercession.

If you have read this post this far, you must be interested in knowing how to pray for the mentally challenged.

Remember to be exact in your petition. Mention the name and the exact mental illness they are experiencing. If they have progressed from one mental challenge to another, tell God the story step by step. Even if they have a mixture of mental illnesses, let God know.

God already knows but when you generalize, it doesn’t portray the seriousness of your prayer.  

Now, let’s do it!

Is Mental Illness Treatable?

Like any other terminal illness, as the doctors describe them, it is manageable. However, nothing is impossible for God. He knows exactly where the imbalance is and can balance it.

If we have any mentally challenged people in our families, we need to push God harder. When we put pressure on God, He realizes that we are not relenting anyway.

Remember the story of the Canaanite woman (Matthew 15: 22-28). The disciples did not like her shouts of noise as she was pleading with Jesus to deliver her daughter. They asked Jesus to send her away. She insisted. Jesus healed her daughter because of her faith!

Get tired, get rewards
We get the best rewards from the most challenging activities. Praying for the mentally challenged is one such activity

Let me tell you something.

Mental illness is classified among chronic illnesses. The moment this notion sticks in our conscience, we forget everything is possible for God.

Do you know what that does to us?

It makes us pray without faith.

A speaker once made fun of himself in a seminar. “You can’t be praying two Hail Marys for a cancer patient and think that’s enough!”

I honestly agree with her.

Some problems need a more intense commitment. Considering the mentally challenged are often in an on-and-off mood, we are the ones who can commit ourselves to praying for them in collaboration with the saints.

The source of their problem could be deep-rooted. To uproot it, we need immense effort.

How To Pray For The Mentally Challenged

Let’s call him Ryan.

Heavenly Master, Creator of everything on earth, and more so, the human race: you are perfect and never created any of us with deformities.

Because of sin, we have invited the evil one to play around with our minds, bodies, and souls, reaping where he did not sow.

Ryan was normal until last year when he began to exhibit weird behavior.

Today I’m presenting Ryan before you with the authority you gave me to move mountains (Matthew 17: 20).

Please forgive me for my sins (mention them if possible) that would prevent my prayers from reaching you. Cleanse me with your Precious Blood and fill me with your Holy Spirit. In my newness, please accept my prayers for Ryan.

I may not know everything about Ryan. Only you Lord know the root cause of Ryan's problem.

Whether it has resulted from his sins or the sins of his family tree members, Lord, you have the solution.

I take the position of the Roman Centurion, who sought the healing of his servant and found him healed when he got back home (Matthew 8: 5-13).

Lord, have mercy on Ryan as I pray Ezekiel 36: 24-28 upon his life.

I will take you from every nation and country and bring you back to your own land. I will sprinkle clean water on you and make you clean from all your idols and everything else that has defiled you. I will give you a new heart and a new mind. I will take away your stubborn heart of stone and give you an obedient heart. I will put my spirit in you and see to it that you follow my laws and keep all the commands I have given you. Then you will live in the land I gave your ancestors. You will be my people and I will be your God.

May your promise above take effect in Ryan’s life so that he may once again praise and worship you without hindrance.

I’m grateful for everything you have done in Ryan’s life, what you are currently doing, and all that you intend to do.

Because you do not reject anyone who comes to you (John 6: 37), I trust and believe that you have accepted my prayers.

Thank you, Lord. May you give me the strength to persistently pray for Ryan.

In the Mighty name of Jesus, I pray, AMEN.


The mentally challenged may not manage to pray for themselves; they need us.

Do not generalize your prayer. Mention every detail as much as you understand it.

Mental illness is a case that may need additional sacrifice. All is possible for God. Go the extra mile.

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