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Answers To The Gambling Debate

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Gambling can make you rich. What else can it do? Does it add value to your overall well-being?
Gambling your way to the bank. Does it help?

What it takes to engage in gambling

Gambling can make you rich. What else can it do? Does it add value to your overall well-being?

Now, let’s try to get answers to these questions.

Gambling in the Bible

The process of life is such that every day dawns with new discoveries. These new findings are all based on the original creation because God is the only creator.

The insatiability of human needs keeps us joggling our minds for fresh avenues of seeking a better life.

The answer to better physical life is undoubtedly money!

A gambling offer, therefore, pauses as an easier way to reach our desired goals.

Gambling your way to the bank. Does it help?
What it takes to engage in gambling

However, God does not say we have to spend to eat; He states that we have to work to eat. We either have to think or physically get involved in doing a job that presents with some fatigue.

It leaves a lot of Catholics and other Christians asking themselves whether gambling is legit!

You may not find a specific verse that directly talks about gambling. If anything, not everything in the Bible is directly addressed! Jesus spoke in parables!

Take a look at this scripture.

Matthew 16: 5-12

When the disciples crossed over to the other side of the lake, they forgot to take any bread. Jesus said to them, “Take care; be on your guard against the yeast of the Pharisees and Sadducees.”

They started discussing among themselves, “He says this because we didn’t bring any bread.”

Jesus knew what they were saying, so He asked them, “Why are you discussing among yourselves about not having any bread? How little faith you have! Don’t you understand yet? Don’t you remember when I broke the five loaves for the five thousand men? How many baskets did you fill? And what about the seven loaves for the four thousand men? How many baskets did you fill? How is it that you don’t understand that I was not talking to you about bread? Guard yourselves from the yeast of the Pharisees and Sadducees!”

Then the disciples understood that He was not warning them to guard themselves from the yeast used in bread but from the teaching of the Pharisees and the Sadducees.

How Matthew 16: 5-12 Relates To Gambling

When Jesus warned His disciples against eating bread from the Pharisees and the Sadducees, He did not mean real bread.

You will notice the disciples were not able to comprehend what Jesus meant.

But what message did Jesus convey?

Here is the answer!

The disciples should have carried Jesus along! He is the protector, full of wisdom. Before facing the world, you need to invite Jesus.

Jesus scrutinized them and realized they were not prepared to go and meet the noise of the world!

And which is this noise?

Gambling, betting, forex trading, all disguised as legitimate businesses to blind unsuspecting Christians.

Many are the times I meet people who ask, “Tell me where exactly it is in the Bible.”

This scripture is the answer.

You may never meet the word gambling in the Bible. But you can now prove that Jesus spoke in parables!

Imagine His disciples did not grasp what Jesus was talking about! Jesus went ahead to explain to enable you and I understand that He does not always give direct messages!

In short, Jesus has indirectly spoken about gambling in the Bible. These Bible verses will help you deepen your understanding of gambling.

Is Gambling A Business?

What do we consider as a legitimate income-generating activity?

Life is a give and take. Since we expect good, it’s only prudent that we give good.

We’ve got to sign up to rules and regulations before we get involved in any gaming activities to avoid a cry-fowl follow-up.

It automatically places a caveat; if both parties are willing to engage in the act, so be it! That is not the focus here though; our relationship with God with regard to gambling is the question we should ask ourselves!

Look at this maths: the gamers do not invest even a single dollar.

Take this example. When 10000 people invest one dollar each, the gamers get 10000 dollars. Out of that, they reward one of the luck-seekers with 1000 dollars and pay about 500 dollars to the media house that will air the presentation, to entice more people into it. They could spend another 500 or so dollars on expenses. A clean 8000 dollars goes into someone’s pockets while 9999 people innocently keep on investing in trying their luck.

Again, this is not the focus; I just had to repeat what you already know.

Now, this is my explanation.

A legit business is a give and take; everyone gains. Any activity where one gains while another cries foul is illegal (in God’s view). It’s an indirect way of stealing from unsuspecting people. The gamblers are good marketers and use very enticing promises to lure people.  I know you’re wondering why how you spend your money is my business, but we’re getting there.

What Do We Get From Gambling?

Gambling sums up as a get-rich-quick scheme and steals our focus on God. It tends to control our minds to the extent that it’s the first thought as we step down from our beds every morning.

We begin to worship it.

God loses more than He gains because the number of people who sink into sadness is quite large compared to those who gain.

By the way, looking at it critically, everyone who abets gambling is a loser; the gain is only short-lived.

I have seen people whose earnings are not so good to get duped into gambling and end up regretting.

A university student recently opted for suicide when he had spent his fees betting and feared his parents would discover he didn’t attend lectures.

Gambling shifts our minds from engaging in legit business since the deal usually looks too good.

You may not find any verse that directly mentions betting in the Bible.

While every business owner looks forward to growth, it is dependent on the clients’ satisfaction. The business owner takes a keen interest in analyzing the customers’ challenges with a view of improvement.

Gambling is founded on a promise to win.

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It’s a selfish one-party gain activity covered up with an occasional reward to one player. What it gradually does to your spiritual life becomes evident after some time.

Your spiritual life is the pot that houses your finances and social life. Once the pot crumbles, the contents disappear into thin air. Take caution not to lose yourself for earthly desires that you may never get.

Stealing and greed have maintained their friendship ever since time immemorial. Gambling only comes in as a new development yet still concealed within the same family.


As I tried to list down the gains and losses we would sustain as a result of gambling; God reminded me of the seven deadly sins in the Bible. Looking at them keenly, greed pauses as an accomplice of gambling. The desire for quick money can sometimes dive us into this uncertain act.

A legitimate business satisfies both parties. I sell you a product, you pay for it, and enjoy its services. If you offer your services to a client, he pays you and feels the impact in his life.

Now, that is business.

If one person gains and the other loses, it’s not a business. It’s a criminal offense before the Lord since it is theft.

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