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Prayer For The Whole World In Times Of Distress

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You will never go wrong praying for the whole world

Praying for the whole world is more like giving yourself as a living sacrifice.

A prayer for the whole world is one of those prayers that hardly come our way.

I will tell you why.

Life is always about ‘me and my family.’

However, a time comes when you realize we all need each other to survive.

Imagine the world without business flights!

What about your company without employees? Would you do everything from management, accounting, all the way down to cleaning?

Who would pay you for your services or goods if we suffer from scarcity of humanity?

Just like a disconnected family fails, so does a  divided world.

A prayer for the whole world comes in handy. I mean, we’ve got to try and sort out others to benefit from them! Praying for others has a powerful effect.

We make quite a lot from the goods we export to other countries!

No country has everything.

We all feel the pinch when a country fails. It’s worse when a disaster hits the whole world. Take the covid 19 example.

Have you ever noticed that sometimes when you are distressed, you feel blank?

Those moments need something you can read out and internalize. This prayer for the whole world comes in handy.

So here we go.

Prayer For The Whole World

You will never go wrong praying for the whole world
Praying for the whole world is more like giving yourself as a living sacrifice.

Almighty and ever-living God, you asked us to put you first in everything that we do (Matthew 6:33). With a desire to heed to your command, I praise your Holy Name for your immense love, kindness, mercy, and patience.

Your courage to sustain all the injuries during your passion, and eventually gave up your spirit to save us reminds me that you are the King.

In your quest that we become like you, you did not just pump oxygen from a can to our nostrils but breathed life into our nostrils.

You are the provider of everything that keeps us alive and comfortable. We depend entirely on your creation to survive or invent products for human consumption.

Through your divine wisdom, you balanced humanity by allocating us responsibilities according to your will. You went ahead to provide resources to enable us to train in different fields to help us perform our duties and earn a living.

We have benefitted from your numerous promises in different capacities.

Irrespective of all your doings, Lord, we have forgotten all these and fallen short of your glory.

Lord, we have trampled on you and glorified the evil one.

We have dishonored your Ten Commandments.

The more you bless us, the more our prayer life has moved from bad to worse.

You blessed us with children and even promised that you can bless up to the 1000th generation (Deuteronomy 7:9), but we have failed to do our part to make your promise take effect. Instead, our children have gone astray.

We have misused your Holy Name to hoodwink unsuspecting followers.

Your sanctuaries have slowly become like any other place where we take a mere roll call.

We humbly seek your forgiveness and restoration. Please accept our prayers like you did accept David’s prayer of repentance (Psalms 51).

I promise to allow you to take your position in my life and my family once again. With your guidance, I will never again turn tables to place the evil one above you.

Please accept my sincere plea and treat me with your unending compassion like you did for the prodigal son.

I ask you all these in the mighty name of Jesus Christ, our Lord, and savior.


Wrap Up

A prayer for the whole world in times of distress is a cry for the Lord’s mercy. People sin every second. The more we pray, the more God frees the world. If you do not have much time, you can simply talk to Mother Mary. You only need to change the prayer from singular to plural to embody the whole world.

Now, let's get praying and share our experiences in the comments section.

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