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Deliverance – Untying Startling Hooks

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Deliverance takes place based on the readiness of the victim. It has nothing to do with the power God has vested in His servant.
Deliverance – a daily commitment with a sure bet.

Learn self-deliverance and conquer the devil round the clock

Deliverance is a term that relates to Christians who have deeply sought to understand the works of the Lord and the attacks of the evil one upon human life.

Life is a battle perceived to take place between the Lord and the evil one. We are the battlefield.

Having taught us everything and given us all the machinery to enable us to fight the evil one, the Lord only joins in the war if we give Him access. Otherwise, He dislikes being an uninvited guest. He respects our choices.

Choices, however, have consequences.

It is always fun executing the choices, but when the consequences begin to poke their noses into our lives, the need to seek deliverance bursts out and forcefully seeks attention.   

What Leads Us To Seek Deliverance?

The major turning point marks the beginning of a new phase of life.

Luckily, God promised to resurrect even dry bones (Ezekiel 37). Resurrecting dry bones is not concerning a person who has physically died, but rather someone who lives, but is spiritually dead.

More often than not, it is thought that only people who have lost their minds suffer from the devil’s mind control tactics.

The reality is; the execution of every sin irrespective of how small it looks makes the devil dance in awe because he is in control of the mind for the moment. The longer he controls the mind, the more he wreaks havoc.

He takes advantage of the little ignored sins to lead us to graver sins.

Sin can be sweet, but its joy leads to a tedious amendment of the trail of destruction it leaves behind. That is when from all directions, there is nowhere else we can seek help apart from the Lord.

Deliverance begins to ring in our minds.

How Does Deliverance Happen?

Deliverance takes place based on the readiness of the victim. It has nothing to do with the power God has vested in His servant. If the affected person is not ready, nothing happens.

Part of getting ready is renouncing all the pacts we made with the devil! Clinging on some of them is a recipe for stagnation.

A mega deliverance is never the end. God can decide to give His servants a glimpse of the problem. They may, therefore, not be able to see beyond God’s given point. According to them, it is over and done.

In other cases, God may show them the entire problem. Remember, God’s ways are beyond human understanding.

What does this suggest?

 Deliverance – a daily commitment with a sure bet.
Learn self-deliverance and conquer the devil round the clock

Have you ever uprooted a stubborn weed then it begins to grow after some time?

In the second attempt, you may have to dig deeper and cover a wider scope to reach all the roots. That requires an extra effort.

When you are confident you have given it your all, the weed shows up again!

Undoubtedly, you will rush to the agro-vet for a more advanced solution no matter the cost!

Why do you strain to fight that weed?

Your focus is on the harvest!

The spiritual growth journey demands a complete removal of the spiritual weeds.

Why You Must Fully Participate In Your Deliverance

When God uses His servant to remove the major block and leave some fibers untouched, it does not mean He delights in you experiencing the same problem again! He wants to involve you in the job.

Remember, He told the fishermen to cast their nets deeper after a failed trial (Luke 5: 1-6)!

Was it not within His ability to command the fish to move closer to the top or closer to the shore?

Why didn’t He want to make it so easy for the fishermen to catch the fish?

Easy come, easy go!

Have you ever noticed that when you acquire something so easily, you are likely to misuse it?

It is not easy to forget your struggles. In those struggles, lies the strength to stay away from prior mistakes, and maintain the rules that led to your victory.

What you learn in the process goes to your books of history. You can use it to help another person!

For God’s kingdom to continue growing through testimonies like yours, self-deliverance needs to be your way of life.


“With faith as small as a mustard seed, we can move mountains (Matthew 17: 20).”

The assurance of Jesus suggests that it is within our ability to deliver ourselves. It does not command us to ignore the Lord’s servants, but it affirms that we need to activate the power He has vested in us.

Without practicing self-deliverance, we will keep manifesting during major deliverance sessions. It looks more like we gave ample room for the evil one to make a come-back!

Food cannot fill our bellies without us following the right procedure to get it there.

Self-deliverance is a must practice if we expect a brighter future.

Lookup for a powerful prayer for deliverance.

Meanwhile, pray the rosary of liberation with great conviction. Your journey of freedom begins when you commit yourself to change the situation.


God is light. He doesn’t mix with darkness. For Him to stay comfortably in you, you need to be clean. Deliverance is mandatory for a successful Catholic life. What’s your experience as a Catholic?

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