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Thank You – The Secret In It

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Thank you is one of the shortest effortless sentences with a rather weighty invisible prize.
A simple thank you lights up your world.

You can’t afford to lose the rewards that come with the phrase thank you.

Thank you is one of the shortest effortless sentences with a rather weighty invisible prize. We feel indebted to thank the Lord every day for the numerous blessings. Every time we kneel, our lips must utter a thank you to the Almighty. We can do this as many times as we wish because we don’t have to attach anything to it. We cannot buy God a gift or directly pay Him for His kindness. Our actions to people reflect our appreciation of God’s blessings.

The little things that we sometimes overlook have a lot of impact on our thank you expression. Easier said than done is an axiom that we tend to affix to every activity. Once the mind comfortably accommodates it, the doing part of the activity gets overruled.

Do you sometimes feel a verbal thank you does not adequately befit the action at hand?

I have felt it several times and went ahead to back it up with a gift. The guilt conscience in the few occasions I have lacked something to give holds onto me like a tick.

A cow will never fail to notice the presence of a tick on its body, that’s how guilty I feel. I get a sigh of relief the moment I remove that tick. No matter how long it takes, it’s a debt that I have to pay.

To be sincere, there is one running in my mind right now.

There is a hidden treasure in saying thank you in style. Missing the point may reverse all the goodies that would otherwise have accompanied the thanks.

So, what is it about missing the point?

Abigail and David: 1 Samuel 25

The story of Abigail, David, and Nabal fascinates me. David was a respected servant of God. Abigail was the wife of a very rich man called Nabal. David sent his servants to help guard Nabal’s property since Nabal was shearing his sheep. It’s important to note that none of Nabal’s animals got stolen because of David’s courteous move. When David sent his servants to Nabal for a feast, Nabal denied knowing David and sent them away.

Abigail rescued her husband Nabal just before David and his men attacked. She collected a little of almost everything they had and went on a journey to appease David. Immediately she saw David she disembarked from her donkey and with her head down pleaded with David to have mercy on Nabal.

Meanwhile, Nabal was busy feasting like a king with no idea of what was about to take place. David praised the Lord for Abigail’s move and blessed her. Nabal suffered a stroke immediately after Abigail told him what was to happen. Some ten days later, the Lord struck Nabal and he died (1 Samuel 25: 38).

Focusing on Nabal, we realize that his ignorance of the phrase thank you led to his death. He was so wealthy but he did not value the favors he got from people. Well, we don’t have to physically die but something in our lives dies when we bury thanksgiving in the sand. We find ourselves held hostage like Lot's Wife got turned into a pillar of salt.

A point to note is that when God has given instructions, there is no room for alterations. It has to be exactly as He wants it. When we adjust, we receive our returns; not God's.

Let us see how!

Thank you, You and I

We should never rely on someone else to thank God for us. If God expects it from us, it has to come from us! After all, we feel the value of the job done more than anyone else!

A simple thank you lights up your world.
You can’t afford to lose the rewards that come with the phrase thank you.

The same applies to prayer. Even though people pray for us, our prayers towards the same project determine the impact of their prayers! Abigail tried her best to cover up Nabal her husband, but he still faced the Lord’s rage for his ungrateful attitude.

In 1 Samuel 25: 8; this is what David’s men had to tell Nabal. “We have come on a feast day and David asks you to receive us kindly. Please give what you can to us, your servants, and to your dear friend David.”

This is one verse that I don’t want to just brush over.

Everyone who takes part to make any project succeed is entitled to a ‘thank you.’ If we don’t give back to any or all of them, we are likely to lose something.

There is a chain of command in thanksgiving. We cannot claim to thank God if we ignore the people through whom we received the favors! As stated in the above verse, we should give according to our ability. In which case, it doesn’t only apply to the rich.

One coin given with a wide smile is better than one hundred coins given with a grumbling heart. A single coin given in place of one hundred coins cannot attract a blessing.

Now the question is; do we give what God expects us to give?

Do we give back to God and ignore the people He used to help us reach our goals?

Let’s Juggle Our Minds

Try to wear Ruth's shoes and feel what she felt as she wrote this article.

That person who topped up your school fees with a few dollars when you were just about to miss your exams!

Whoever found you a job when everyone else was least bothered!

The one who offered you his shoulder to lean on at your lowest moment!

That little-known servant of yours who takes care of your home and children in your absence!

The person whose advice gave you a milestone in your career!

Did you say after all he only did this or did you thank him?

There are hundreds of favors that we have got, some of which were quite unexpected.

Let not small blunders filter you from God’s list of the greatest thanks givers. It gets along with the commandment of love.

Thanksgiving is one of the keys that open the door of blessings.

I choose not to let go of my key.

What about you?


Gratitude builds relationships. Thank you is one effortless short statement not worth ignoring. Keep thanking people and thanking God for the little things they do for you.

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