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Stop Judging Religious Leaders

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As Satan hovers around, religious leaders are bound to experience the same challenges as the rest of us! Let us not hype too much when we hear a religious leader has stumbled.
Religious leaders are untouchables. Keep off their private lives.

The priest is our connection to the source of light. Respect his role.

Christian religious leaders are servants of God tasked with the responsibility of guiding the flock. We cannot talk about leadership without mentioning their lives. The two have to go hand in hand.

No life; no leadership!

Separating their lives and responsibilities is like talking about the Holy Spirit without pointing out sin!

The same temple (our souls) that ought to house the Holy Spirit sometimes harbors sin instead!

I know you are not here to find out how to help someone else. It was all for your good. But did you know that the answer to your problem may lie underneath praying for someone else? Burdening yourself with someone else’s load stores up treasures for you. It’s just a matter of time and you will be able to harvest the rewards. Look at this verse!

Jeremiah 29:7 – Work for the good of cities where I have made you prisoners. Pray to me on their behalf because if they are prosperous, you will be prosperous too.

Religious Leaders and Social Life

The general perception is that religious leaders are exempted from sin; which is not the case! They live in the same world; use the same vehicles; visit the same malls, and interact with fellow human beings at different levels of their duties!

They are not in some world of their own presumably between earth and heaven!

As Satan hovers around, religious leaders are bound to experience the same challenges as the rest of us! The devil tries his tricks on them too only that their spiritual maturity helps guard them more than most of us!

I’m not trying to justify any mistake made by church leaders. But when we make a fuss out of our judgmental understanding of any issue at hand, we lose something.  

My point is; let us not hype too much when we hear a religious leader has stumbled. As Christians, we have a job towards the stability of our leaders.

If you occasionally trip, what makes you think the religious leaders are saints? Remember slipping doesn’t only mean physically engaging in an inappropriate activity; it could just be a spoken word!

I have never understood why a Christian would opt to tear a priest into pieces because of a mistake! You will agree with me that it is a common phenomenon but lethal.

The Truth About Spiritual Leaders

They understand God more than we think. While we are busy spreading a rumor about a priest, God heartily accepted his repentance. The priest may be so gifted to the extent that none of his mistakes goes unnoticed. He confesses as soon as he commits the offense!

Do you know what that does to him?

It keeps the Holy Spirit and the man of God bumper to bumper. His spiritual life is under lock and key. He seals any loopholes before the devil discovers them.

Religious leaders are untouchables. Keep off their private lives.
The priest is our connection to the source of light. Respect his role.

Isn’t he smart!

Unfortunately, we may not realize how such defamatory statements affect our lives. The more we malign the religious leaders, the sweeter it becomes and the wider the gap between God and us.

Is it not a sin to defame their character irrespective of whether they are right or wrong?

Imagine what we do to that person who is struggling to grow his faith, and admires that particular minister as his mentor!

We break him into pieces and push him away from the church.

Would we then sit back and expect God to happily answer our prayers?

That is food for thought.

Reference Scriptures

We may unknowingly suffer the consequences of mistakes we could have easily avoided.

Here are some Bible references concerning the character assassination of religious leaders.

Sometimes I like to call the Bible a power bank because it answers purely every question about our relationship with religious leaders.

Numbers 12:9-16: Miriam and Aaron spoke against Moses. A dreaded skin disease immediately sprouted on Miriam’s body. Aaron began to plead with Moses on her behalf but she had to face the wrath. 

Numbers 12:7-8 make me cringe. It says; It is different when I speak with my servant Moses; I have put him in charge of all my people Israel. So I speak to him face to face, clearly and not in riddles; he has even seen my form! How dare you speak against my servant Moses?

Numbers 21:5-9: When Israelites spoke against God and Moses, the Lord sent poisonous snakes. Many Israelites died out of the snake bites. Moses pleaded for the Israelites and God came to their rescue. Do you notice it is the same Moses they spoke ill about interceding for them!

2 Kings 2:23-24: Two she-bears tore forty-two of the boys who mocked Elisha to pieces. Elisha was a prophet through whom God performed one of the greatest miracles of the time. He made impure water pure and since then, there were no more calamities associated with that water. (2 Kings 20-22).

Cautionary Scriptures

1 Chronicles 16:22 – Don’t harm my chosen servants; do not touch my prophets. This is a warning repeated two times in the Bible with the same words as you can see below.

Psalms 105:15: Don’t harm my chosen servants; do not touch my prophets.

David, on the other hand, said; “the Lord forbid that I should try to harm the one whom the Lord has made a king!” (1 Samuel 26:11)He was referring to Saul.

If you are one of those Catholics who look up to David as a role model, you need to carry this scripture as a load in your head.

What we say about our priests should never destroy any single soul including our own. David’s obedience to God is one to reckon considering he was one of God’s favorites.

The Pain in a Priest’s Life

It’s hard to be a leader because we often expect too much from leaders.

We queue at their offices with our baggage seeking solutions to our problems.

Protocol demands that they give service irrespective of whether something may be amiss or not. You and I can share our challenges unlike them!

The same concept of a parent and child applies. No matter what we may be experiencing, we have to be strong for our kids.

Facts About Religious Leaders

The more we expand our network, the more enemies we make. A church minister is a public figure with a large network. He may know a few people but the fact that he is known to many certainly exposes him to the evil one. Wickedness tries its best to reach out to the intended person and only gives up if it finds a barrier.

How lovely would it be to know our prayers are included in that barrier?

Not forgetting that we also get a piece of the cake!

Furthermore, religious leaders are human and they are, therefore, vulnerable to temptations.

As we cry out to God for our sick, let’s keep in mind that spiritual disability is the worst of illnesses.

It goes without saying that if a leader is spiritually sick; his followers are likely to become victims too. What would the world be like with crippled church leadership?

On a serious note, religious leaders need our prayers.


I have saturated your mind with tons of verses that condemn the demonization of religious leaders. Whether it is new to you or it’s a reminder, too much inspiration without correction is like trying to fill a broken bucket with water.

If you walk in the path of light, darkness will fear you. It calls for religious life on our part to be able to understand how exactly we should handle religious leaders.

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