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Faith in God – Courage in Pain

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Faith in God is a gift from God.

Faith in God can move mountains.

It was one dark morning for a man I like to compare to Paul. Just like Paul was a murderer and was on his way to Damascus to harass God's people when God changed him, Richard was no different from Paul. Richard did not physically kill, but emotionally killed his wife repeatedly.

God drastically changed Paul using blindness.

Likewise, Richard almost lost his life in a near-death road accident. His wife informed him he was in the intensive care unit for close to six weeks. He couldn't believe it! Fortunately, he got his life back. This is what he had to say.

Praying in the Intensive Care Unit

You can imagine what it means to be in the ICU. Richard was helpless. He could only hear voices but couldn't move, see, or speak. If anyone wanted to stab him and end his life, he wouldn't defend himself!

Richard realized only God would protect him and bring him back to life. Before the accident, Richard treated the church like a rat running away from a cat.

In his helpless state, Richard remembered how he had struggled to educate the needy around his home. That was a point good enough for him to defend himself before the Lord.

In spite of Richard's bad habits that caused pain to his wife over and over again, his instant faith in God saved him. In Richard's words "do not let me die before I educate my children. Have mercy on me and remember how I have shaped the future of other people's children."

Richard believes God heard his prayer in his pain and saved him.

What is killing your Faith in God?

Many are the times we despair because of simple challenges that we can fix. Either you are studying, and some units are proving to be difficult. Financial challenges have sent many into depression. People have lost faith in God due to the disgruntlement they experience in their families! Instead of leaning towards God, many have opted to lean on the opposite side!

No matter your situation, you could still be better placed than Richard was in the ICU!

Suffering never quite symbolizes that God has forgotten you. In most cases, He usually wants to use the pain to take you to a better place! How you handle that pain determines whether you will get to the destination or not!

Pain transformed Richard into an admirable man of God with exemplary faith in God!


Richard took his pain positively and prayed in it!

Remember Paul and Silas prayed in pain and God freed them!

Richard joined the Catholic Charismatic Renewal and is aging gracefully in it twenty years and counting!

How to Gain from your Pain

No pain, no gain; no faith, no gain; no hope no gain!

So, how do you increase your faith in God?

Firstly, you've got to realize everyone experiences pain. It's only the degree of pain that differs.

Next, you need to accept your pain and believe God can get you out of it.

You'd probably be interested in knowing why you sometimes lose faith in God. Click here. This article will give you a hint on what exactly comes your way as you strive to be a friend to God.

Faith in God is a gift from God.

Have courage, call on Him. Bartimaeus called on Jesus in his blindness and told Jesus exactly what he wanted. Because of his faith in God, he was able to see again (Mark 10: 46-52).

His courage was one I admire. As much as people tried to stop him from shouting at Jesus, he persisted until Jesus asked the same people to call him.

Didn't he get his sight back?

If you want to know what happens to you when you lose your faith in God, you can't afford to miss out on the real picture of the story of Lot's wife.

Nothing and nobody apart from you has the ability to stop you from reaching God.

Faith in God is the medicine you need to take your entire life.

Wrapping Up

In everything you do in life, you have to make the first step, gather courage, and move to the next step. Likewise, to have faith in God, you need to put in a lot of effort. Many distractors will come your way. Remember you only need a leap of faith to put them aside and carry on with your mission.

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