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Praying for Others: 5 Health Benefits

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Praying for others is not easy, but from now henceforth, your heart will be throbbing as you look forward to that moment you have dedicated to prayer.
Fall in love with praying for others like never before.

Praying for others; Perfection at its finest.

Praying for others is pretty tough until you know what your take-home is!

It is instinctive.

I don’t want to bore you by asking you to pray for others simply because Jesus instructed us to do so! We all know Jesus taught His disciples ‘the Lord’s prayer, which dwells on ‘We,’ rather than ‘I.’

Take a few seconds and pray the Lord’s prayer.

Do you realize it is not centered around an individual?

Now, if praying for others sucks for you, you are not alone. Count me in. I hated to pray for others for years.

Well, I always thought, ‘why can’t I get done with my problems before I think of anybody else!’

It is until I realized that praying for others is like storing harvest in a barn in readiness for a rainy day. Who wants to die of hunger, anyway! Nobody!

What do I mean?

When you pray for others, God adds the compliments to your file awaiting His appraisal.

Before harvesting, there must be hard work!

Hard work entails doing what is difficult in the eyes of many.

Long story short!

Praying for others is not easy, but from now henceforth, your heart will be throbbing as you look forward to that moment you have dedicated to prayer. If your husband happens to alter your plans, you’ll feel like punching his cheeks.

Of course, you can’t do that.

Anyway, here is how to tap the juice by praying for others.

How You Benefit From Praying For Others

First and foremost, I need to remind you that God answers every genuine prayer. It does not have to be immediate. Sometimes, time brings out the benefit more profoundly. The memory never leaves. It becomes a worthy reference point when giving testimony.

No doubt, evidence sells.

Now, let's get the facts!

Praying for others picks you out as the first beneficiary.

You get freed from bondages faster when you prioritize others in your prayers.

You love more when you pray for others.

Peace of mind gets patched on your forehead when you pray for others.

Praying for others erases fear.

We are going to unleash the gem you have been missing in your prayers. Before that, let’s tackle it from Derek Bok’s point of view, “If you think education is expensive, try ignorance.” In case you did not know, Derek Bok was the president of Havard University some years back.


It looks like this in the context of praying for people.

“If you think praying for others is difficult, time-consuming, or not important, try cursing them.”

I’m not suggesting you do exactly that. Just imagine it.

Note: ‘Others’ represents every human being.

I’m hoping you are not the kind of person who got tired of praying for your husband. If you did, never mind. By the time you get to the end of this post, you’ll have found your feet. You can also check out Catholic Charismatic Renewal for tips to fight resentment towards praying for people.

And now to the core of praying for others.

Praying for others picks you out as the first beneficiary

I don’t know whether you are seated, standing, or lying on your couch right now. Everything concerning your life begins from where you are and spreads to your links.

Look at it this way.

A fisherman is likely to come home with a large harvest. Every single fish passes through his hands before he sells it. He makes a profit from each of them. You also profit from each person you pray for!

I'll show you how.

Pure praying for others . Pure Power.
When praying for others is a will, there is always a way

No doubt; fishing is one of the most difficult tasks. The waves notwithstanding. A fisherman gets motivated by the profits he expects. He can even begin to budget for the profit beforehand.

Praying for others is only hard because you never know what to expect. What if God gave you a snippet of the reward? I bet you would want to pray without ceasing.

Take another example.

As you read this post, you will come across links. For you to reach those links, you’ll have to click on them. It is this post that connects you to them. For that moment, this post stands out as the starting point of the message you will get from those links.

Do you get it?

Let’s use a human case.

If your grandparents never existed, you wouldn’t be here. They brought forth your parents, who then gave birth to you. Your grandparents are the source of your life.

Have you been wondering why the Bible indicates genealogies of people?

For a long time, I thought they made no sense.

Now, get the facts from praying for others.

When you pray for people, you benefit more than all of them. It is the more reason why God stated mischief could bring a curse to four generations (Deuteronomy 5: 9). He also said it is at His disposition to bless up to the 1000th generation (Deuteronomy 7:9).

It is your responsibility to make God’s promise above come true.

How do you do it?

Help God to love all His children.

Praying for others turns out to be the only sacrifice you can give without spending. Remember, God, reiterated in Psalms 50 that sacrifice is the greatest thanksgiving.

True or false!

There is no room for excuses like 'I don't have money,' ' I woke up late,' or 'I was still feeding my puppy.' Prayer is absolutely free and time belongs to God.

Prayer connects you with the spirit world, and most importantly, the Holy Spirit. The people you pray for are spiritually your responsibility. You’re working hard to connect them to the Holy Spirit.

Look at this illustration.

Fall in love with praying for others like never before.
Praying for others; Perfection at its finest.

When you pray for others, you are like a rescue team reaching out to the people who got stuck in the debris when a building collapsed. You get a blessing as each of them passes through your hands.

Charity begins at home as Sir Thomas Browne put it is the process through which your prayers work. Remember, because of Noah, God saved his family.

In this case, because of your exemplary prayers, God can do wonders in your family, and you are actually the starting point and therefore the greatest beneficiary.

How you practically benefit when you pray for others

Remember, the spirit world is permanently at war.

Evil spirits have captured many souls. God looks up to you to help Him get his children back. As God frees them, you get a token courtesy of each person who improves their relationship with God.

Scripture does not lie.

Jeremiah 29: 7; Pray to me on their behalf, because if they are prosperous, you will be prosperous too.

What is prosperity?

To me, it is any positive change.

Let’s use the closest example.

Imagine that neighbor of yours whose son refused to go to school. Instead of joining the camp that converted him to a laughing stock, you chose to pray for him.

Suddenly, you learn he has gone back to school and is doing much better than before.

Wouldn’t you rejoice?

On second thought:

What if your neighbor's son grew up and became a nuisance in the estate? Wouldn’t you also suffer the consequences?

You can’t be at peace!

If your prayers make a difference in people’s lives, God rewards you. Tokens differ. God chooses how to reward you. He can as well shorten the suffering he had set for you! We all make mistakes, and we cannot run away from the consequences unless God bails us out! In other words, God’s mercy begins to take effect in your life.

Praying for souls in purgatory is part of praying for others. Many Catholics don’t know what they are missing. If only they knew, they would ask God to rewind their lives.

Start praying for others now if you haven’t!

You get freed from bondages faster when you prioritize others in your prayers.

I have just mentioned that you begin to enjoy the Lord’s mercy when you incorporate others in your prayers.

The truth is here!

Even the holiest of all humans has sinned.

Our sins are likely to keep us in bondage for a grace period that only God knows. You can imagine being ignorant of what’s happening in your life. It’s even worse when you know your problem, but you are unable to disengage from it.

What point am I putting across?

Yes, we are praying. We have to bear in mind that nobody ever got to the top of the ladder without climbing the ladder from the bottom.

We attain restoration only when we make a daily effort to get there. We are sinners praying for other sinners.

 When God speaks, He has an underlying reason.

The whole armor of God in Ephesians 6: 18 instructs us to pray for all God’s people. You can have a look at it in your Bible.

1 Timothy 2: 1; First of all then, I urge that petitions, prayers, requests, and thanksgivings be offered to God for all people.

The best example I can give you, in this case, is Solomon. The keyword here is to make God happy. God gave Solomon a leadership role. His first request to God was to ask for wisdom to rule the people. God got so excited. He extended Solomon’s request with unimaginable wealth.

When you pray for others, you are doing something for God, just like Solomon.

The secret is making God unstoppable when He thinks about you.

You love more when you pray for others.

Wouldn’t it be so good if you handle even the worst of people in a way that surprises everyone?

Praying for others gets you there.

Trust me!

No matter what anyone does or says about you, you stitch your lips. The wisdom to deal with the situation rains on you like hailstones. Your relationship with people doesn’t get affected. Whether we like it or not, we need each other.

Surprisingly, the one who annoys you the most might help you the most!

Imagine cutting links with everyone who bruises you!

If I did that, I wouldn’t get myself out of a situation only people could solve. Money couldn’t.

Let me brag a bit!

My love for people has taught me to co-exist even with the ones many cannot stand. I was not like that many years back.

Love is the greatest commandment.

If you can fall in love with love, you have stolen God’s heart.

Instead of holding a grudge or sulking when you get irritated, pray for the same person who spoilt your day. You make God happy when you help Him love His children irrespective of how they behave.

And what does it do to you?

Peace of mind gets patched on your forehead when you pray for others.

If only God could allow us to read His writings on our foreheads!

Can you imagine in this day and age, someone somewhere still believes the evil one can override the power of God?

That’s not you, I bet!

When you are sure the Holy Spirit is in control, you can even share a room with a serial killer and still sleep well.

Why you wouldn't want to miss praying for others.
Praying for others is what the world needs.

Praying for others unlocks the power to understand the Bible. Nothing scares you.

Bible verses run in your mind like a stream of water.

Everyone becomes harmless.


The power of the Holy Spirit in you supersedes the power of the evil spirits in them.

Well, that's just an example.

On the other hand, the worst experiences have proved to produce the greatest rewards.

Sometimes, God lets bad things happen to allow us to learn and become better people. Imagine you will not keep blaming people for your predicaments!

When you understand God like the back of your hand, you have conquered.  

Praying for others erases fear.

When you make time to pray for others, God molds you into what He created you to be.

Jesus did not leave us orphans. He left us the FEARLESS Holy Spirit. Living in fear is a sign of infiltration by evil spirits. Sin permits evil spirits to take advantage of us.

Fear locks you in a cage. It denies you the chance to unleash your full potential.

As much as it is important to think twice before you do anything, fear will always lead you towards dropping a larger percentage of your attempts. You end up regretting when you come to know someone else is thriving in what you discarded. The cycle continues until you push the fear out.

When you pray for others, the fear slowly fades. Before you know it, people are complimenting you for your courage.

When God renews you, people have to see the light.

Heads Up!

If you have never had a quality intercessory prayer, you can use these addictive Catholic prayers to start. It depends on who you are praying for and for what reason.

Here are some useful links:

Chaplet of the Precious Blood of Jesus.

If you go through this prayer, you will realize it gives you a good chance to pray for the entire world. It's a handy prayer that reinstates your confidence in the Lord and makes you relaxed.

We all experience those moments when we feel blank due to circumstances and daily experiences.


Such times need a pre-written powerful prayer that we can rely on.

Rosary of Liberation.

The rosary of liberation is a prayer for freedom through which you claim the words of the Lord in John 8: 36. Once you have cited the source of your problem or that of a loved one, use the rosary of liberation to seek the Lord's mercy.

These do not rule out the usual Daily Rosary, Divine Mercy Chaplet, Mass, and many more. They are important additions.


There are many ways of killing a rat. You can either hit it, trap it, or poison it.

You go to town using different routes. If your map indicates there is a traffic snarl-up on your usual route, you will have to use another.

Praying for others is not the only way to unchain yourself.

But do you know what!

We are all called to be intercessors. Intercession might be the underlying gift God wants you to embrace before He surprises you with miracles.

Praying for others breeds love. If you can love, you have conquered the devil.

Now, what is your experience praying for others? Kindly let me know in the comments section.

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