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Success Is The Best Revenge – 3 Real-Life Examples

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If he cheats, I cheat. I'll also come late. I must also take alcohol. The sweetness of revenge changes taste.
The best revenge is to act in a way he least expected

Revenge is a must. But be wise for the sake of your health.

As much as we may hate to admit it, the desire to revenge is one of those intense negative emotions that every single living human has experienced at some point in their life.

In life, we often go through situations that are frustrating causing us heartaches and grief.

We feel so upset that we are tempted to believe that paying back is the only way to vent.

The best revenge saves your soul.
The worst revenge crashes you to your last

A dictionary simply defines revenge as the action of inflicting harm or hurt on someone for an injury or wrong suffered at their hands.

 It is the desire to inflict retribution.

It only seeks to cause pain to those that have hurt us, but it is not concerned with justice.

The desire to hurt back is destructive, but unfortunately for us, it is the central theme of most movies and TV dramas. It is glorified, and we are made to believe that conflicts can only get fully resolved after revenge.

But why does this desire for hatred arise when we get hurt?

Why do people revenge?

The desire for revenge starts in the brain. We always collect information from our environments through our senses then give them meaning based on what we interpret.

 The way we interpret this information could cause us to feel like paying back even if others did not mean to hurt us.


Most people strive to feel superior in one way or the other.

When we find that we were not acknowledged, or that we were socially humiliated or harmed in any way, we will feel helpless.

This feeling might result in low self-esteem, imagined weakness, and even identity crisis. Under the pressure of such powerful emotions, many people find satisfaction in trying to level the ground. Fellow women are likely to use these destructive words in the name of consolation.

  • If he cheats, I cheat.
  • I'll also come late.
  • I must also take alcohol.

The sweetness of revenge changes taste.

Never fall for them. You are not in a competition. It's your marriage.

He who thinks revenge drinks revenge.

What if we knew how revenge doubles or triples the inflicted wounds?

As we look forward to the live examples of 'success is the best revenge' ahead, let's, first of all, understand what revenge does to our souls.

9 Reasons Why Revenge is a Relationship Killer

Even as we burn for revenge, we always know at the back of our minds that revenge is bad. Below are some of the dangers of revenge.

Revenge is not a solution to the problem

It is but only a quick fix and not a lasting solution to the problem. It doesn’t restore what got lost. If anything, it makes matters worse.

It makes you feel worse

Contrary to what the people that seek revenge believe; revenge doesn’t make you feel good. After you hit back, the feeling of satisfaction turns to regret.

It is taking the role of God

In the book of Romans 12:19-21, God says revenge is His.

“Do not take revenge, my dear friends, but leave room for God’s wrath, for it is written: it is mine to avenge; I will repay, says the Lord.”

We honestly cannot do the Lord's job. It will backfire.

It is not the spirit of Christ

As a Catholic, you should never seek to pay back because it is contrary to the spirit of our Savior Jesus Christ. Christ hates revenge. James and John asked Christ if he wanted to command fire to come down and consume the village of Samaria after the people of Samaria denied them passage, but Jesus rebuked them.


“Jesus turned and rebuked them. Then Jesus and His disciples went on to another village (Luke 9:55-56).”

It makes you just like the person who wronged you

By revenging, you become just like the person who angered you. For example, if you kill the person who killed your friend, you become nothing but just a murderer like him.

Retaliation steals your desire to forgive.

We are not perfect nor are the people around us. We all make mistakes, and these mistakes often affect others. It is only through forgiveness that we can live in harmony. The thoughts of hurting your offender take the place of forgiveness in your heart and makes you harbor wicked destructive thoughts.

Revenge  - One name. One legend.
Revenge - Your personal entertainer at work

As much as you would be seeking restoration for your problems, God wouldn't hear you because He cannot reach you.

It is difficult to stop revenge once it becomes a habit.

Retribution is addictive. Once you start repaying, you lose your ability to forgive and become a rude, hurtful person. It will, in turn, ruin your relationships with people and God. It is a planted seed. I mean, you plant evil, you harvest evil. You cannot harvest good!

Vengeance makes the healing process more difficult.

We think ill of others when we feel hurt. Studies have shown that by taking the retaliation route, we continually think about the incident thereby making it very difficult for us to move on. When we forget revenge, we think less about what happened to us. It gives us an easier time forgiving and letting go.

How to Handle the Desire to Revenge

The best revenge is to act in a way he least expected
Revenge is a must. But be wise for the sake of your health.

The desire to retaliate only becomes intense when our subconscious minds believe it’s the best way for us to get back our rights. The best way to solve this problem is, therefore, to calm down our inner feelings.

Tit for tat re-opens and worsens our emotional wounds.

As tempting as it might be to punish a wrong, you end up punishing yourself because you can’t heal. The best way to handle the desire to repay is to channel it towards succeeding. Put that energy towards achieving your goals.

Once the brain starts to think about how sweet it will be to achieve your goals, the focus shifts, and the desire to revenge becomes irrelevant.

Whether at work or at home, moods impulsively affect every environment that relates to you. A family affair can easily spill over to your office. Likewise, your husband is likely to get some verbal blows whose roots were planted at your workplace.

If you are struggling with bitterness, Catholic Charismatic Renewal is your long-awaited savior.

Now, these live examples will give you some hope and confidence as you make 'success is the best revenge' a success.

Revenge: For a brighter shine

Wallace was unfortunate to come from a poor family. His parents were not able to take him to college after he completed high school. He was, however, lucky to get an office cleaning job in a government institution.

You can't believe Wallace never had a lunch break!

Imagine almost all the secretaries in the entire office could send him to buy them snacks, one after the other. Although he was employed to work for the company and not for individuals, Wallace did not complain.

business man, laptop, work

Instead, he planned swift revenge. It worked really well for him.

Wallace opted to attend evening classes. He paid fees from his meager salary.

To cut the long story short, Wallace eventually attained a master's degree.

To his amazement:

There was this stubborn secretary who sent him even four times within an hour. She got a shock of her life when Wallace was in the panel of interviewers in another organization. The lady was seeking a secretarial job whereas Wallace was in the top management.

Okay, this is the calculation.

10 years down the line, the secretary was still a secretary whereas the cleaner had risen ranks.

Success is indeed the smartest way to revenge.

Make your pain your heaven

Who hated and later loved?

Janet was the unlucky child in a family of five children.

I have never understood why parents tend to favor bright kids!

Janet was a poor performer in school. Her father kept referring to her as a failure. She had no idea to live long and prosper, she had to respect her dad irrespective of how much he hurt her.

In Janet's pain and poor performance, she had an underlying wisdom none of her siblings had. She did not make it to the university.

Janet simply put an idea she had been thinking over into practice. Her business thrived. Janet did and still does better than her fortunate siblings 16 years down the line. She even bought her father's first car!

Disability is indeed not inability.

What 'revenge' looked like for Jane

Jane happened to get married to a successful man. He changed cars like clothes. His business got better by the day whereas Jane's small business was somehow stagnant.

At some point, Jane's husband began to treat her with contempt. He cheated on her, went home late, or spent nights out.

Fortunately, that was a wake-up call for Jane.

She got up to pray every day at 3 Am.

Do you know what God did?

Jane managed to get some capital and pumped it into another business.

All this while, her husband's business was dwindling. It eventually died.

To cut the long story short, Jane bought a home for her family. The dead business and the new home humbled Jane's husband.

Wrap Up

Success is the best revenge. It ends the pain.

Bitterness is the worst feeling. It makes you employ crude measures that hurt more rather than solve. Your marriage is likely to break.

Isn't it better to work hard to give your husband an act of memorable revenge while keeping the family together? I'd love to hear your thoughts.

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