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Curse of a Mother; Power on the Lips!

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Would you imagine there is something unusual in your life tagged 'the curse of a mother?' I know your answer is a big no until you get the shock of your life!
Why you need to avoid the curse of a mother at all costs.

A day with the curse of a mother is like a whole year without sunshine

Lips can make and break. The curse of a mother does not only happen when we engage in a verbal fight. If you've never exchanged words with your mother, you're likely to feel this post is not for you.

But I want to disagree with you today.

There is more in a mother's curse than meets the eye.

Worse off, you cannot run away from its effects on your children.

Today, I want to help you identify the little curses you might have missed. Our aim is to break the cycle.

Okay, let's dissect one of the most ignored types of bondage.

How to Pull Down a Mother’s Curse

Picture yourself bragging about your good relationship with your mother.

On the other hand, she's proud of you and praises you among her peers.

Would you imagine there is something unusual in your life tagged 'the curse of a mother?' I know your answer is a big no until you get the shock of your life!

It’s important to repeat what you know too well. A mother is a parent. God commanded the children to honor their mothers. When it comes to the mother-child relationship, age does not matter. You might be grey-haired, but you cannot run away from the fact that you are somebody’s son or daughter. It’s a lifetime tag.  

Sounds boring, right!

You probably have done all that it takes to qualify as the best of your mother’s children.

Smack that feeling to quit reading this article because I’m about to tell you a secret you have no idea existed.

Mothers love their kids. It is rare for a sane mother to destroy the future of her children. They tend not to meet their mother's expectations often, especially in teenage and young adulthood.  

Why does this happen?

Why you need to avoid the curse of a mother at all costs.
A day with the curse of a mother is like a whole year without sunshine

The transition from one phase to another comes with a percentage of independence. You have grown from a “Yes Mom” child to an upcoming adult who can make a few decisions. Your liberty increases as you add more years to your stay here on earth until such a time that you are no longer hooked to your parents.

When parents do not welcome the freedom that comes with those changes, they’re likely to misunderstand their children. Resolving conflicts gets difficult day after day. The curse of a mother becomes imminent from her talks. She may not know the damage she’s causing.

This is common and easy to point at in case you suspect that you’re suffering from the curse of a mother. What about the invisible curses you may never identify?

Let's, first of all, understand the curse of a mother better.

What is a Mother’s Curse?

When a mother speaks negatively upon her children, it amounts to a mother’s curse. Most mothers curse innocently. They sit back and expect good when they cursed instead of blessed their children.

Some of the common mentions are: -

  • You’re only worth a clerical job.
  • You will live in poverty forever.
  • You’ll never get a good job.
  • You’ve taken after your stubborn uncle.
  • You're good for nothing.

These curses may be spoken or visualized. Sadly, if they don't get broken, the said child is likely to become a replica of the curse. If this resonates with you, make full use of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal.

Luckily, the Catholic Charismatic Renewal is spreading like a bushfire. Even if it has not been picked up in your parish, you cannot fail to find it in the nearby parish.

Catholic Charismatic Renewal has been around for 50 years. The movement is actually older than me.

Where the curse of a mother has no space.
The lethal weapons of the catholic church have been there since time immemorial.

Curses also happen in either of these three ways:

  • Directly spoken to the child.
  • Unspoken.
  • Told to other people.

Now, let's concentrate on your mother's smiling face yet tears are rolling inside. Meanwhile, ask yourself two or three questions that may help you find out if you are a victim of your mom's curse.

The Unspoken Curse of a Mother

It’s complicated. You may never know it ever happened. Not in teenage, not as a young adult, but even at an older age!

Your mother's tears hurt you. You'll never see her cry. Moms have perfected the art of sugarcoating their feelings.

I don't mean you pluck your hair off to please your parents. Just make sure you give them the best you can. The best may not be in the money. You can make your mom the most comfortable woman financially, but if you support your giveaways with painful words, it hurts you.

Imagine the curse happens unconsciously!

Most likely, your mother never thought of cursing you. Your below-average relationship with your parents automatically invited the curse. Do not hesitate to check the above link. The bread and butter are neatly presented for you to point out some anomalies you never knew existed!

Now, could you possibly be suffering from a mother’s curse and you have no idea?


When your Mother does not Understand You

I have come across situations whereby mothers are too demanding. You honestly cannot give more than what you have unless you are a thief.

If your mother is of such character, don’t panic. Curses only take effect when they are valid. God is the judge.

Proverbs 26: 2; Curses cannot hurt you unless you deserve them.

Never live a sad life because of your mother’s demands.

God knows how far you can reach. Just don’t complain or argue.  

Understanding the Fourth Commandment in the Catholic Bible to the core is good enough to nullify the curse of a mother. It has all the secrets you can easily overlook. It will help you avoid the curse of a mother. You'll be left wondering why you never knew all this earlier. 

With these secrets glued in your heart, your children will undoubtedly stay safe from words that can harm them. You’ll become an advocate and save so many people, your children included.


You are better safe from the curse of a mother. If you want to escape from the hook of the curse, resist the feeling to justify yourself. Whether mom was right or wrong, two wrongs don't make a right. Humble yourself. You will get freedom.

Please care to share what you’ve learned in the comments. I’d be glad to hear your opinion on the curse from a mother. 

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