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Bible Verses About Tithe. 3 Daunting Revelations

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Have you ever wondered why your life never gets better despite your efforts to give to the church? Do you sometimes feel like going back to the yester-you and just enjoy your money without paying tithe?
Why paying tithe makes you sad

What to do when paying tithe does not bring forth fruit

The Tithe is the first avenue you would think of when you talk about the finances of the Catholic church. Everyone imagines Catholics are good contributors to the church’s development. I guess the beautiful churches speak volumes to the onlookers.

Have you ever wondered why your life never gets better despite your efforts to give to the church?

Do you sometimes feel like going back to the yester-you and just enjoy your money without paying tithe?

Well, you need to scrutinize these points to find out which one resonates with you. 

Why you should not get furious when you hear the word Tithe

Imagine that time you stepped forward to become a committed Catholic! You had high expectations. Unfortunately, you’re soon retiring, yet your dreams haven’t come true!

Maybe you need to ask yourself a few questions.

When did you pay your first tithe?

The study has it that many people don’t pay tithe from their first income. There is usually a lot of excitement concerning the needs you want to fulfill. The voluntary offerings that the church teaches you as a priority become secondary.

True or false!

When tithe does not open the flood gates.
What to do when paying tithe does not bring forth fruit

Well, all mistakes become history when you discover what you are missing in the Catholic Charismatic Renewal Movement. I hope you have taken note of the word 'renewal.' It's a total revolution.

But why does the payment of tithe hurt?

Here are some of the back-stabbers which make paying tithe look unworthy. I mean, you just don't see the need. Life gets worse instead of getting better.

  • Stealing from God.
  • You pay tithe, but you complain.
  • Brushing off any church maintenance expenses.

God commanded us to build the church. When you make any slight mistake as pertains to any church contributions, you rebel against the first commandment to love God.

Malachi 3: 10; Bring the full amount of your tithes to the Temple, so that there will be plenty of food there. Put me to the test and you will see that I will open the windows of heaven and pour out on you in abundance all kinds of good things.

No matter what you do, if any of these three clings to your heart, you may struggle indefinitely.

Now, let's look at them critically.

Stealing Tithe

10% of your income belongs to the Lord. The Lord is the church. His servants who need to use the offerings for their upkeep and church development are the church.

dollar, money, cash money

God only asked for 10%!

When you pay less than 10%, instead of attracting a blessing, you commit more than one sin within one mistake. Stealing and deception!

Your atrocious act blocks the Lord’s light from reaching you. You become a ripe target for any talks against the development of the church. It turns out to be easy to fall for unbiblical discussions.

Where does that take you?

You invite stoppers to your restoration.

Complaining about the Tithe you pay

I don’t know whether you want to walk into the priest’s community and help them plan how to spend the tithe!

Even if your 10% is a million dollars, negative talk keeps the blessing away.


2 Corinthians 9: 7; You should each give, then, as you have decided, not with regret or out of a sense of duty; for God loves the one who gives gladly.

In this Bible verse, God gives you free will. You can choose to pay tithe or not. When you pay, avoid follow-ups behind the priest’s backs. Remember, when you do not pay or steal, you have broken a rule.

Ever heard the phrase “the power of the tongue?”

Refusing to Support the Church

Rain or shine, you just won’t pay tithe!

You might not understand why other Catholics are struggling to pay tithe yet they are still poor! The reasons are well stated above, though other details may not be directly related to the non-payment of the tithe.

You know too well that all misdeeds get followed by suffering. Avoiding to pay tithe is not an exception.

In some cases, however, there is usually an impediment like in the case of Bridget. Maybe you can learn something from her story.

The Tithe Row in Bridget’s Family – True Story

There is nothing as beautiful as discovering the beauty of diligence in serving the Lord. However, there is nothing as frustrating as having to deal with the obstacle that would rather stop you from doing it.

The Bible commands us to pay tithe, but many Catholics have never understood why they should pay tithe. As a result, many have chosen to ignore this course. Worse off is to frustrate the one who has decided to pay tithe.

Bridget’s relationship with her Husband

Bridget and her husband are a couple that everyone admires. Their two always well-dressed, respectful children complete the equation of a rather comfortable Catholic family. You will meet them together in social gatherings, shopping malls, eateries, and churches. Bridget’s periodic giggles during their conversations make her the envy of her female friends.

mall, shop, shopping

However, there is more than meets the eye in this relationship. Bridget has been married for twelve years within which her enlightenment on payment of tithe ensued in the seventh year. She has been struggling to pay tithe for five years against her husband’s wish.

It has not been easy since her husband has gone violent severally to counter-attack her noble move. Even though Bridget respects her husband, she’s not about to bow to his demands since she believes God comes first.

So, how does Bridget handle the tithe row in her home?

How Bridget Toppled the Tithe Row in her Marriage

Bridget gets to her breaking point when the situation begins to get out of hand. Her husband decides to use crooked means to cripple her unstoppable desire to pay tithe. He transfers some of his in-house responsibilities to Bridget without explaining why.

business, lady, woman

As she ponders over the next move, she miraculously gets a promotion at work, of course with a pay rise. She is tempted not to discuss this with her husband and instead shares her story with me for counsel.

It is a very sensitive issue since it involves two people who are one in a covenant with God yet the tussle also involves the two and God!

“How do I come in without interfering with her marriage or her relationship with God?” I think aloud!

Bridget insists she’ll never let go of me until she gets my answer, she has thought until she can think no more. I ask her to let me sleep over it!

My Feedback

We meet up the next evening, and I suggest a few options in order of preference.

  • Let your husband know about the promotion and the salary increment. Tell him the tithe you have been paying has opened inlets for more cash flow in the family. If he’s comfortable with this, you’ll have won him and maintained your relationship with God.
  • Involve the priest to make him understand the benefits of paying tithe.
  • Act as if you have bowed down to his pressure and stopped paying tithe, but pay it through offertory since he will not see you carrying an envelope. After all, God will have noticed your efforts.
starbucks, coffee, cups

She concurs that the first is the best option but fears that if it backfires, she’s doomed. The second is not an option for her since she cannot count the number of times their priest has talked to him. She settles on the last option.

I worry that this last option maligns the virtue of trust in the marriage, but I have honestly hit a snag and have nothing else to tell her.

As a Christian who understands the value of paying tithe, what would you do if you were Bridget? If you were in my shoes, what would you tell her? 

Why you should pay Tithe without looking back

Trees bring rain. Rain helps produce a good crop. The crop provides one wing of man's livelihood. Try to picture how long it takes before a seedling becomes a tree! When you focus on the end product, waiting never sucks. Do you realize that once the trees get to maturity, they bring rain tenfold?

The tithe is the seedling that you have to plant. For it to mature, God has to rain on it uncountable times. When the blessings finally settle on your hands, you’ll have toiled.

To be on the safe side, shun immediate expectations and focus beyond the sky. God will shock you with abundant supply at His opportune time.

Wrapping it Up!

Scroll back and read the three handcuffs to your tithe payment. Which one makes you cover your face in shame? Would the Bible verses about tithe make sense even if you were so smart to memorize them in your sleep? 

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