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Restoration: How You Missed The Number 1 Target By A Whisker

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When you are over and done with the past, restoration wiggles in your mind like a hungry worm in search of food. After praying for a while, you want to see God in action making changes in the unpleasant areas of your life. Do things always unfold your way?
There is only one thing in the world I want and that is restoration

Restoration will be for you what you want it to be.

When you are over and done with the past, restoration wiggles in your mind like a hungry worm in search of food. After praying for a while, you want to see God in action making changes in the unpleasant areas of your life.

Do things always unfold your way?


The waiting, however, sucks!

Your expectations magnify as you get closer to God. Every time you take a break, look back and imagine the far you have come. Unfortunately, you don't seem to see any restoration taking place!

What next!

Do you give up!

The struggle continues!

Have you ever tried solving a problem and hit a snag in all your trials? You sit and say to yourself, “I’ve done my best!’’ Through thick or thin, you must get a breakthrough.

I love that motto. Without resilience, you can hardly go far.

A normal person has to press on. When you lose the zeal to persist, I guess your husband will wonder if you are depressed and seek professional assistance as soon as possible.

And what does the waiting do to you?

The longer your problems last, the more your mind switches to, “someone must be behind my permanent struggles!”

Have you ever found yourself in such a dilemma?

Then there is that woman who hated your mother. All the neighbors disliked her behavior. “Could she be the one?” You mumble.

Next, your unending tussles aside. You want to remove her from your way.

Your good friend advises you to try back-to-sender prayer points. She gives you reasons and even quotes the Bible.

There you are! You go for it!

If that’s you, this post suits you best.

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Restoration will be for you what you want it to be.

Return-to-sender prayers are common among some protestants. You may not come across such prayer points in the Catholic church.

However, some Catholics have unknowingly copy-pasted these prayers for use during their private or family prayer sessions.

Before we get to their effects, let’s point out their existence in the Bible. 

Return to Sender Prayers in the Bible

I call the book of Psalms a beginner’s prayer guide. You’ll find beautiful Psalms and very harsh Psalms. According to the available records, David wrote a good number of Psalms. We mostly pray Psalms with David in mind. Other Bible bigwigs also prayed like David, especially when they were in distress.

Considering the position God gave David, we must have some level of trust for what he tells us. He still speaks to us through the Bible. 

For purposes of back-to-sender prayers, let’s shut our ears to Psalms of praise and worship, mercy, and thanksgiving for now. When you take a tour through Psalms, you will come across return-to-sender prayers, but I will only use two chapters to explain my point.

Psalms 35 and Psalms 109 - David's Breakthrough Prayers

Both these Psalms are Psalms of David. David asks God to acquit him from his enemies, who rejoiced over his downfall. He proceeds to instruct God to punish them.

In case you don’t have ample time to refer to the Bible, this excerpt is hands-on for a better understanding of these breakthrough prayers that we can easily salivate for in anticipation of quick results. 

Psalms 109: 6-15

It's the bright one, it's the right one, that's restoration. What prevents it?
Don't hold restoration back!

Choose some corrupt judge to try my enemy, and let one of his own enemies accuse him.

May he be tried and found guilty; may even his prayer be considered a crime!

May his life soon be ended; may someone else take his job!

May his children become orphans, and his wife a widow!

May his children be homeless beggars; may they be driven from the ruins they live in!

May his creditors take away all his property, and may strangers get everything he worked for.

May no one ever be kind to him or care for the orphans he leaves behind.

May all his descendants die, and may his name be forgotten in the next generation.

May the LORD remember the evil of his ancestors and never forgive his mother’s sins.

May the LORD always remember their sins, but may they themselves be completely forgotten.

Why David Prayed Against His Enemies

You can imagine someone locked up in a room praying this Psalm and tagging your name to it.

What a wild wish!

Why would David, of all the servants of God pray like this?

During hardships, we’re likely to take note of every emotional hurt. David was mortal like all of us. A closer glance at the prayer suggests he prayed with bitterness. Whatever would happen to his enemies was not of his concern. If anything, he wanted God to grind them to completion together with their descendants.

I’m honestly guilty of the same wish upon my enemies until I got an insight concerning these Psalms.

This is what I discovered.

Return-to-sender prayers are prayers of self-righteous minds. For God to make David a king, He saw an ability in David that He couldn’t find in anyone else. Leadership automatically instills some authority. With that preference in the Lord’s eyes, David could confidently ask for anything!

Did David know whether he was praying right or wrong?


David prayed innocently. God is not fond of spanking his children immediately they make mistakes although He did that on some occasions. God handles every case independently.

The human mind is a bit selfish; “I take the first position. Everyone else follows” is the attitude most of us have. Meanwhile, God was thinking of how to rectify the numerous mistakes the apples of His eye made in the olden days. Before we know what God did, let me answer a common question among Catholics.

Why do Return to Sender Prayers exist in the Bible?

Return to sender prayers got written in the Bible because one thing leads to another, for the glory of God. The interconnection of experiences determines what tomorrow will become.

Take this point o view!

The light we enjoy today came from the mistakes David and other lovers of God did. 

The story of Joseph (Potiphar’s servant) taught his brothers a lesson.

God used Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego to prove to Nebuchadnezzar that He (God) has the power to do anything. Remember Nebuchadnezzar learned quite some lessons after his failed wickedness.

Paul and Silas shocked the prison wardens when their intensive prayers opened the prison gates.

Job’s turnaround story particularly touched his three friends. They had no more room to tell him to ditch God, but rather follow Job's footsteps.

This must have been the look on Daniel’s enemies' faces. “You mean the lions did not munch him? His God must be too powerful!”

The list is endless!

God allows unjust suffering on his chosen servants to transform His stubborn children. David was in a state of martyrdom as he prayed these Psalms. 

Why You should not Pray like David

Transfer the same concept to the return-to-sender prayers of David. Picturing his mortal state, he was not 100% perfect. Like Abraham, Moses, Aaron, Miriam, and other fine-looking stars in the Bible, David made mistakes. His scandal with Bathsheba is the only one that is stuck in the minds of most Christians.

I bet if everything was directly written in the Bible, we would have volumes of the Holy Book.

It’s not easy to realize some of David's prayers weren’t right.

Restoration is crazy good. But what is the thin line that blocks it?
Restoration: The pain of a praying woman

During all these eras of leadership, God was thinking of a permanent solution to the numerous mistakes that leaders made.

Activities put down in the Old Testament necessitated some alterations.

The errors of mortal men, including David, created a need for a permanent change. David prayed wrong on occasions such as the one prescribed above.

An Immortal man (Jesus) who lives and rules forever surfaced. The long search ended when Jesus declared it was finished. Jesus was indeed a breakthrough for God. 

How Jesus Made a Restoration Path during His Ministry

God did not pick someone from among His disciples again. Instead, He created Jesus from scratch. God persevered the faults of mortal men for thirty more years until Jesus took over.

And what did God tell us?

We are followers of Jesus!

God wanted us to do everything like Jesus.

What does that mean?

If Jesus does anything like David, we can follow suit, but if He does it differently, then we need to ignore David and emulate Jesus!

Can you point out one case where Jesus prayed for a breakthrough like David!

I bet you can't find that!

Look at this!

Matthew 11:29; Take my yoke and put it on you, and learn from me, because I am gentle and humble in spirit, and you will find rest. 

Even during His passion until His death, Jesus forgave His persecutors.

Right from the beginning, the man never had the authority to ask God to reprimand another person. These prayers happened out of ignorance.

“It is finished,” as Jesus stated on the cross symbolized much more than we imagine. Jesus gave up His life to save us. That’s all most Christians associate with His last words.

Underneath this statement, Jesus put an end to the blunders all the Bible's major players made during their tenures. He taught us how we should live and pray. “It is finished” indicates that Jesus taught everything. We should, therefore, learn from Jesus, and behave like Him.

How Wrong Prayers of Restoration Affect You

You can spend three hours daily, seeking restoration; pray the loudest, and fast often. Unfortunately, if you’re not praying right, it’s all vanity.

God forgave David and the rest for cursing other people in the name of praying. I’m not so sure if God will endure excuses for the same errors after intensively teaching us how to pray and behave, and bringing Jesus on board!

Think about it!

Seven Sins that you Commit in the Process of Praying Wrong

  1. Declaring that you’re sinless.
  2. Refusing to forgive.
  3. Harboring bitterness and anger.
  4. Developing a negative attitude towards the other person.
  5. Judging the other person.
  6. Looking forward to the downfall of the other.
  7. Making conclusions based on suspicion or hearsay.

Do you know what this does to you?

You unknowingly walk out of your prayer room worse than you went in.

Does God Grant Restoration Through Back To Sender Prayers?

Unfortunately, you may not see it, but these prayers gradually affect the lives of the culprits. When you pray and live like Jesus, your inner eyes open. Simultaneously praying and sinning lock the spiritual eyes.

If you try killing a python with sand granules, you’ll only have triggered its venom. It will harm you. Cursing in the pretext of praying is an attack in the waiting. 

Not everyone who says Lord, Lord will see the kingdom of heaven. Not everyone who seeks restoration will find it. Find out why.
Restoration when it has to get done

The wrong prayers for restoration slowly consume you in the wake of expecting blessings.

Sadly, you may never realize that the snake is more powerful than your strategy to hammer it. Praying wrong weakens you spiritually and widens the gap between you and God.

Subsequently, you will not see beyond the superficial restoration prayers. You’ll always be focusing on those you suspect are running after you rather than concentrating on working hard to experience the Lord's promises (Catholic Charismatic Renewal). In short, you’ll find yourself asking God to reprimand your persecutors in 90% of your prayers.

Your relationship with people you have tagged as suspects will dwindle. A state of fear then engulfs you. You can easily retreat into a cocoon with very few people around you.

Proof of Dangers of Cursing People in Prayer

Looking at the unfolding events in the lives of the people you might be tempted to wish the worst, you will realize God still punishes them.

Among God’s choices could be, reversing the same downfall they anticipated on you! What happened to Salome, Herodias’s daughter? Did she expect it? Her spine-chilling death is true to the saying that if you live by the gun, you will die by the gun.

Likewise, if you punish by the curse, you will swallow the bitter pill. 

If you pray for your enemies' downfall, you will face the same wrath.

These verses cannot lie!

Obadiah 1:15; The day is near when I, the LORD, will judge all nations. Edom, what you have done will be done to you. You will get back what you have given.

Proverbs 22:8; If you sow the seeds of injustice, disaster will spring up, and your oppression of others will end.

If you choose to become your enemy’s rival, both of you are liable to the above effects. Meekness will save you.

Good Catholic Breakthrough Prayers

Focus more on how to become a committed Catholic and the people you are praying for. If you have to mention the enemy, you should be praying for them like Jesus; not cursing them.

Never ignore Catholic beliefs and practices. As you mingle with friends, you are likely to flow in their criticism of the Catholic Church. In that confusion, you’ll become an easy trap for their ignorant restoration prayers. Strive to understand the Catholic faith. You will never regret it.

Sometimes it takes a crushing breakdown to receive an undeniable restoration. Touch, not back-to-sender prayers. Thank me later.

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