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Sinking Feeling After Abortion; 5 Ways To Fight It

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Do not let abortion memories send you into depression. You are not the first, neither are you the last. The fact that you got rid of a pregnancy does not make you a lesser Christian. Build your confidence once again.
how to get sad abortion memories out of your way

Make yourself at home after an abortion

The Catholic church is firm on abstinence as the mainstream way to prevent pregnancy. On the contrary, abortion takes place much more than it appears. It is a clear sign that fornication is an order of the day.

The more technological the world gets; the more people get tempted to satisfy their curiosity! Some trials sharpen their minds for the right reasons. Others enlighten them and lead them astray. They get to know about sex even before the teacher mentions this sacred act specifically meant for married couples. 

The interest steals their innocence as they secretly try dirty games with the opposite sex. Despite the existence of many tracking apps, cheeky teens may find their way into places you never imagined they could reach.

As I have always said, we were once there.

Now, switch your mind off your daughter and wear the shoes you wore when you possibly thought you knew and your parents did not know.

Could you have privately undertaken an abortion?

Save yourself from the painful flashbacks of a previous abortion

Might your parents have abetted your abortion?

Society glorifies abortion, but God condemns it! The Catholic church has never bent its perspective on the extermination of innocent unborn babies. 

So, how do we help the abortion victim come back to terms with reality and live a normal life again? 

You must be looking to solve the consequences of abortion. If you undertook an abortion at least once in your life and you are experiencing the following, you need to dig deeper to get to the seabed of what looks small on the surface. 

  1. Guilt
  2. Flashbacks of the abortion
  3. Depression

There is no sin that can drain your emotions as much as a sin directly linked to your body. 

abortion babies
Why you should deal with the consequences of abortion ruthlessly

These feelings will keep you whining over the abortion instead of focusing on the future. Worse off, they follow each other in a sequence.

Here are five helpful solutions that will prevent brain exhaustion and give you peace of mind.

What to do if the Consequences of Abortion Haunt you


Allow yourself to cry. Remember when you aborted, you got so excited about the relief. Instead of mourning for your baby, like other deaths, you rejoiced. Now that you are experiencing the consequences of abortion, cry, regret, feel the shame. In Sirach  41:14-24, God tells us to feel shame for our sins.

Without guilt, you may not feel the need to make up with God. You might keep covering it up with excuses.

Many are the times people will tell you not to regret the abortion. That is not practical when you realize you took away an innocent life! The shame will trigger the necessitated tears. 

It is in that grief that God sees your remorse for the abortion. He will then walk you through the healing process. The consequences of abortion will not weigh you down as much as they would if you chose to brush it off. Appearing tough while feeling pain inside is a recipe for stress-related illnesses.

As you grieve, ask yourself these questions.

abortion 6

Are your cries dwelling on the past, or looking to the future?

Take the example of the death of a loved one. It creates a state of confusion among the family members for a while before they accept. Once it sinks, they move to the next stage. Accept and move on. You can’t change the fact that you aborted.  

Pray and read comforting Bible verses.  You will get the assurance that you are not condemned. After all, God promised that when you go back to Him, the old is gone and the new has come!


You have to let it out. Believe that God has forgiven you. In case you are experiencing any problem that arose due to the abortion, do not assume God has not forgiven you. You are only suffering the consequences of abortion.

abortion 3

Keep yourself busy with normal life issues. Plan your day without giving too much time to idleness. Your busyness will kill memories of the abortion since the next activity on your schedule will call on you to act at the slotted time. Too much idling will take your mind backward.

When your day is extremely busy, you go to bed exhausted and sleep like a baby.

Give God time

Other Christians may consider abortion victims as murderers but God looks at them from a friendly perspective. Do not allow yourself to drown in regrets when God can help you handle the consequences of abortion, especially the sad memories. 

You may have to wait longer than expected for God to relieve you of the abortion memories. Perhaps you are unable to get a baby, or the doctor says your whole reproductive system is damaged.  Never mind. The doctor treats, but God heals.

He is a God who can replace your uterus without a trace of surgery. If you feel the waiting sucks, here is a good resource to help you wait gracefully. When you change your relationship with God to His service rather than to your favor, you will realize He does a lot more. It will help you to stop focusing on one expectation.

Share your consequences of abortion to save those who intend to abort

You might find it too shameful to share your story of abortion and it is well. But, if you are bold enough to help a sister save her baby and health, why not!

Every story has an impact!

abortion 4

In your story lies the little nuggets God will use to transform your situation. It is a way of giving back to the community without spending. If you are low on income, this is the best way to release the guilt completely. You’ll get a lot of fulfillment if you happen to receive some gratitude for a simple gesture.

Practically Support life

Some people are not good at sharing their stories. Maybe you’re better at acting. Whether you have plenty or not, you can focus on reaching out to the young neglected lives.

The human species is usually friendly and sympathetic. Unfortunately, some well-wishers would like to help, but they don’t know who to help! Don’t you think linking a needy case with the right person or organization is good enough?

abortion 5

Helping does not mean you have to spend money you do not have! You can spend the money that is in another person's pockets!

Meanwhile, become a great intercessor for needy cases. When you see progress in the lives of people you connected to their guardians, won’t you be happy? That delight will fade the consequences of abortion that run in your mind and make you feel content, courtesy of your efforts.


The Catholic church has spoken a lot about avoiding abortion. Unfortunately, it does not give much address to the victims of abortion. It is assumed that after confession, you need to throw the guilt behind your back. Sadly, the guilt might carry on for a long time. 

A combination of four or all of these five tips will help you forget the consequences of abortion and live a normal life. It may take time but with consistency, the consequences of abortion will give way to helpful thoughts. 

Praying, grieving, and fasting alone may not do much. Seeing the fruits of your labor will.

Right away, you can begin to support life by sharing this post. Someone might be going into depression simply because she is unable to handle the sad memories of abortion, and this post will make a difference in their lives.

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