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3 Loans That Will Sabotage Your Life

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What runs in your whole system, from head to toe, when you get bankrupt and have pending loans? You cannot imagine debt collectors at your door, auctioneers advertising your property, or your name appearing in the criminal record bureau!
App Loans; whatever you want

The living death that debt causes to its prisoners

Loans are becoming a quick reach-out as the world evolves. Nowadays, you can borrow money for anything, no matter how small.

Some decades back, banks would only lend to people who had streams of income or worked for trusted organizations. However, with the coming of android mobile phones, you can owe the bank money by dialing a few buttons at the comfort of your couch.

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Loans pump temporary oxygen into a dying soul for a moment but leave the soul worse than it was before its grand entry.

Since human needs are insatiable, it is increasingly tempting to acquire a debt even for problems that can wait. Luxuries have also begun to appear as emergencies!

How App Loans are leading Women to Insidious Debt

We would all love to become billionaires at the slightest opportunity. It keeps us on the move trying all available ideas.

Anyone who appears disinterested in living a better life must be having an underlying problem, at least by human standards.

But come to think of this!

What runs in your whole system, from head to toe, when you get bankrupt and have pending loans? You cannot imagine debt collectors at your door, auctioneers advertising your property, or your name appearing in the criminal record bureau!

App Loans; whatever you want
The living death that loans cause to its prisoners

You get so stressed that you cannot pray effectively. It turns out God is to blame for not answering your prayers.

And the good news?

You can live comfortably without unnecessary loans, while you also safeguard your faith!

Now, check out this list of tempting habits that can fix you in a debt den.

  1. Salivating for sumptuous meals.
  2. Living luxuriously on a low income.
  3. Hanging around wrong friends.

In reality, you are trying to be what you are not.

It hurts you physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

But how?

Why Loans for Food will Attack you Spiritually

The tongue has always been costly. This phrase is mostly associated with spoken words. The food, however, beckons based on what you can afford at the time. We all love to eat good food.

It’s possible to live in a house your income accommodates, and still spend in excess in the food department. You’re likely to ride on the easily accessible app loans and survive on them repeatedly.

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When you have such loans, and the rollover date is approaching, you cannot be comfortable. It interferes with your prayer life. You begin to think God is not providing enough, yet you are spending more than He has allocated you!

Honestly, your balanced diet and that of a person who earns ten times your income cannot be the same!

To enjoy comfort, come up with a budget and eat cheap food. Remember, it is dangerous to disobey your rules. Disobedience comes at an extra cost.

How Luxurious Living Can Tie you to Loans

Growth is gradual. When you try to force it, something unusual is likely to happen. It is quite costly to live in high-end areas. Life is expensive from housing, posh schools, shopping malls, and clothing.

Your friends may comfortably fit in this cadre.

What if you don’t?

Affordable options will always exist. Never imagine you are equal to your friends based on the salary you earn. Some people come from well-established families. They have nobody to support financially. If you have siblings and less fortunate parents to lend a hand to, the two of you cannot compare!


You will defy God’s law as this scripture states!

1 Timothy 5:8; But if anyone does not take care of his relatives, especially the members of his own family, he has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever.

Unplanned loans will drain and send you into depression. You’ll live in bondage not because someone has set a trap for you, but because you want to!

You might even begin to steal from the company to satisfy your demands!

Self-acceptance is the only way to save yourself from this sad situation.

Don’t eye previous classmates or workmates. You are on a personal journey. You are best walking it with Christ.

Admit you no longer fit in the shoes of your friend, and you will never lose your faith and hope in God.

Why you need to Adjust to God’s Friendship Changes

In this third scenario, maybe you are okay in terms of budgeting and are living in a place you can afford.

Picture this!

The same friend you’ve been thinking is of your caliber can innocently ask you to pay a certain amount towards a group development project. You might get excited and immediately engage your income without giving it a second thought.

debt 5

If this forces you to acquire loans to sustain the joint venture, it’s a cause for alarm. Your friend might be comfortable in the group, but you are not! I know we have to sacrifice to develop ourselves, but it should not put too much strain on you or your family. If it happens, it keeps you thinking of how you will settle your loans rather than prioritize the Lord.

Matthew 6: 33; Be concerned above everything else with the Kingdom of God and with what He requires of you, and He will provide you with all these other things.

Didn’t God bless each one of us with exclusive minds and give us authority over ourselves? Sometimes we make wrong decisions towards good projects. If it hurts the Lord, it hurts you.

What next!


You have so much to lose than gain when you don’t observe God’s protocol.


If you are already a victim of app loans, you will agree with me that your loans increase every month. The longer the grace period, as the lenders keep extending to entice you, the sweeter the debt.

Loans incline you to the world and reduce your connection to God. As you strive to force what you want into your life, you are likely to lose the Lord in the process. My friend keeps saying, “stick to your lane.” God utters the same words when He says, “depend on me.”

We’re riding on the same boat (the world), but we are seated in different spots. Mark your place and only move when God says you should.

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