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Shake The Bottle, Wake The Miracles

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Miracles are not mansions and big cars. It is the little things we often overlook that add up to the wealth. It’s better to waste seven years finding yourself than spend your whole life in illusions.
Miracles as sure as the sun shines

Have you ever sat down and imagined waking up one morning to find your life a complete reverse of what it was yesterday? You are not crazy. We all fantasize. I guess it’s good for our health too. Miracles can make your dream come true.

Everyone, including the richest, wants to get richer!

We are all right!

Human needs are insatiable. Wealth is strength! At least according to the human mind.  

Who doesn’t want a better lifestyle immediately?

woman, girl, model
Miracles come in moments. Be ready and willing

Tell me one person who doesn’t associate miracles with wealth! He deserves a permanent badge announcing his patience. Everyone should know him! And ooh; ask him a few questions on how he manages to hang around that fortitude pen!

For you to land on this post, you must be looking for miracles. You want a deeper understanding of this most sourced invisible gem.

One characteristic of miracle seekers is skimming through posts online. Why? They need quick answers within the shortest time possible. Of course, that’s not you! I’m kidding. People don’t find miracles online. You’re here for the knowledge I suppose.

Do you expect a solid answer? My humble request is that you read the whole of this post.

You’re also getting a bit confused about the miracles topic on a Catholic blog!

Let me answer you before you get more jumbled.

Do Miracles Happen in the Catholic Church? 

Most of us believe that protestants get the wonders we crave immediately. I’m so convinced many Catholics got attracted to the force with which some protestant pastors preach.

I’m not a psychologist by profession. My little psychological know-how whispers to me that loud preachers keep their congregation attentive. Call it mind games. If you were seated there, you’d be looking forward to his next statement with a grab-it mindset.

Performing a successful healing and deliverance session closes the deal. You’ll be like; this is the place to be!

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not suggesting that you leave the Catholic Church. If anything, I’m Catholic for life. I understand my faith to the core.

On the contrary, Mass is a routine with readings well planned and documented. I wish you knew the power that exists at Mass! Being loud or not is a personal choice! The presentation depends on one’s own making.

Some priests are soft-spoken but memories of their teachings can’t just go away. The spiritual level of both the transmitter and the recipient matters the most. Food for thought!

Anyway, Mass is a story for another day.

Why the Topic?

I’m talking about miracles because I know Catholics who have scampered around other churches in search of greener pastures. Then what happened? Some of them are back in tears. If you’ve read the story of Judith, you’ll understand that life is a mini-war. Only your focus and determination will make you win.


Now you know where I’m headed.

Don’t start speed-reading through topics because you’ll miss the point. 


So many miracles take place in the Catholic Church.

When, where, and how?

It’s more to do with you than the person preaching. You only need to find yourself first before you can declare that you have seen miracles. I don’t want to cheat you that it will happen in a day. It may take time. The waiting is worth a lifetime and beyond.

A bird in your hand is worth two in the bush.

Let’s visualize it.

High chances are, you’ll never be stable. An unstable mind will not grasp much during Mass. You’ll find yourself doing the wrong things to fix your desires since you want them there and then.

But don’t worry. I’ve been there. Do you want to know what I gained? My research reveals that a large percentage of racing minds wear the same shoes I wore.

Who wouldn't fight for miracles?

Your mind gets so fixed on your target to the extent you forget what you need to do to get there. You’re not crazy though. It’s a phase in everyone’s life. The only difference is how long you dwell in that fantasy world. It’s too dangerous to overstay there.

What if things don’t go your way?

Most likely, you will break down. A broken person is a good target for the devil. The Mass becomes meaningless because you didn’t see any fruits. Next, you stop attending Mass and get easily convinced to try dirty games.

That’s how we begin to engage in businesses where one participant loses completely. A more descriptive name for such activities is gambling. If you’ve heard of betting, you know what I mean. I’m not trying to insinuate you’ve done that. It’s only an example.

What happens when you lose?

Your first breakdown was minor since it only pulled you away from the church. Call it a starter pack. Something major was to come. Hell breaks loose when you lose your only hard-earned money expecting a win. Complete disorientation takes place and leaves you worse than before.

So, what’s next!

Forget about activities that oscillate your heart because you don’t know what to expect.

Here is the real miracle strategy!

What to Do if You Need a Positive Change

Even the most committed Catholic is human. One attribute that we all share is making mistakes. Sometimes we do what other people do and expect similar results. We get disappointed when things turn against us.

Let me use a Bible reflection to explain this (Luke 2: 41-52).

Occasionally we get so satisfied that we don’t imagine we will need food in a few hours. I’m a victim.

Mary and Joseph went to Jerusalem for the annual Passover Festival. They only realized Jesus was not in their company when they returned home. Jesus was only twelve years old. They looked for Jesus among friends and relatives and opted to go back to Jerusalem when they couldn’t find Jesus. Jesus was calmly listening to the teachers and asking questions in the temple.

Look at that!

Have you ever been worried about someone who seems comfortable?

Rain or shine, you’ll look for Him!

We tend to forget Jesus when life looks good.

Secondly, we look for Him in the wrong places for too long. It’s at this point that we usually run for miracles.

Do you realize that you only get some peace of mind when you find Jesus? Mary and Joseph had sleepless nights until they found Jesus.

Miracles exist. I have seen them. They only happen with Jesus on board.

If you’re sincerely looking for miracles, answer this simple question and start all over again.

Where is Jesus in your life?


Going to church does not mean you have Jesus. There is much more!

Get This Secret if You Want to See Miracles

Use what God has given you to make Him happy. More blessings will fit in automatically.

The first gift is you. God gave you to you. Do you treat yourself in a way that pleases you and God? Remember when you’re excited, and God isn’t, you’re lost.

Let’s take the abortion point of view as an example.

God gave you a child or two. You opted to get rid of the third for personal reasons. That was a great relief, right! After five years, you need another. You can’t conceive. Why? You proved to God that you did not deserve another baby.

The second gift is your parents. Where do you place them in your life? Do you support them? I guess your answer is a big yes.

But wait a minute!

What does God think about your relationship with your parents? Don’t be too confident. You might be left with your mouth wide open at God’s opinion. It’s a long read but worth your time.

Everybody and everything else is secondary to you, your family, and your parents.

Carry your cross diligently.

Some Facts About Miracles

For anyone to perform miracles, he must have extraordinary powers to do so. The only two sources of power are God and the devil. Considering that the evil one is trying to outdo the Lord; he must present an appealing ability in your eyes.

In your confusion, you will think he’s real.

God has agents. The devil has human mediators too. Satan’s followers also use the Bible. They have marked those strong messages that send flashes of excitement all over your body. You’re not reading the Bible, and they know it.

Mark my words!

A good thing will happen especially in your line of requests. In a few years, a trail of irreversible destruction may follow.

What did I just say?


Chances are, you’ll not know it until it is too late.

If you hear anyone saying they shifted to another church because they weren’t experiencing any changes in the Catholic church, avoid them like the plague. You might find yourself in the same hot soup. They’re looking for shortcuts. Sadly, they might have to pay a heavy price for it.

Before you begin to say you’re bored, let me remind you that miracles exist. I’ve experienced them in plenty, but I went through a rigorous process in the Catholic Charismatic Renewal sessions. Nothing comes easy. Don't fall into the deception pot.

How Events Unfold the Catholic Style

I am a witness.

My story is long. Only a book can explain it to completion. It’s still going through some curing.

You may not want to hear what I have to say. It’s the bitter truth though. With a lot of effort, you will experience miracles. It may not happen in a year, two, or three. That’s the sad reality. You may need more time based on various underlying factors that vary from person to person.

Shortcuts will only give you pleasure for a while and leave you more devastated.

  • God Himself waited thirty years to use Jesus in ministry. Meanwhile, He did not like the disobedience that was quite rampant in society!
  • Abraham and Sarah were both very religious. They only got a child after a long search. They must have been asking themselves question after question!
  • Jesus asked God to remove the cup of suffering from Him. He was scared of the pain ahead. God was quiet!
  • Saint Monica prayed for several years for the conversion of her son Augustine. Don’t you think she kept wondering why God was so slow to act?
  • Mine was a case of rebuilding the temple (me). Remember, Solomon, re-built the Temple for seven years. I’m a replica of Solomon's struggles. You don’t want to imagine that it can take you that long to find your feet. It is, however, the best gift you can give yourself.

These five points represent God and the entire humanity.

If you have read this post this far, you deserve a bonus for your determination.


Without a doubt, you’re interested in knowing what this post has to offer.

Handle what God has entrusted in your hands with care. He’ll be nodding His head and thinking, “I need to give her that promotion she’s been craving for.”

We’re only using the job to demonstrate. Otherwise, it stands in for all your wishes.

Never spit at your past. Many are the times we forget that we were once there. Temptations to undermine the people you left behind must try to fit in. Giving in might look like an abuse to the God who elevated you. It’s a devil’s trap to bring you down.

Never say you cannot see what God is doing in your life. With bare eyes, you will never see. It sounds like complaining. Learn to appreciate each day with its likes and dislikes. Live one day at a time. If you believe what did not work yesterday can still work, try it again. Otherwise, close that chapter and do something else.

Nobody does it like miracles

Busyness keeps off distractions. Plan your life and make yourself extremely busy to the extent you get exhausted and sleep well at night. Remember, an idle mind is the devil’s workshop. Everything that God has for you on His table will unfold one after the other.

Evaluate yourself. Your character adds up to miracles rounded up in one jar.

Lastly, miracles are not mansions and big cars. It is the little things we often overlook that add up to the wealth. It’s better to waste seven years finding yourself than spend your whole life in illusions. Now, tell me what you think!

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