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The Surefire Goal of Catholic Charismatic Renewal

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There are common reasons why you need to be a Catholic. However, the Catholic Charismatic Renewal Movement teaches you how to expedite the secrets and benefit from them. Why wait? Get a hint of one of the best things that ever happened to the Catholic church as you prepare to bounce into the ride.
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Growth is painful. Change is painful. But nothing is as painful as staying stuck somewhere you don’t belong.

Does the mention of Catholic Charismatic Renewal send chills all over your body?

You must be asking why the group exists in the Catholic Church!

Imagine traveling in the third-class compartment of a Train day after day, year after year, without knowing first-class travelers are enjoying all the luxury!

comfort zone
Catholic Charismatic Renewal is the revolution that leaves indelible marks

Only to realize you deserve much better!

When you know what you’ve been missing, you’ll focus on the first-class without blinking an eye. Catholic Charismatic Renewal Movement takes you through the steps to enable you to reach your goal.

Take note of the fact that you are already on the train. In other words, you are a Catholic. You only need to take it up a notch.

Why the Catholic Charismatic Renewal Movement?

A movement is a wave that looks forward to a change.

When the ocean tides come around, they must cause destruction. Either buildings or people at the shores get injured. Likewise, the Catholic Charismatic Renewal Movement is here to destroy. 

Everything Catholic is Biblical and rewarding if well-practiced. The routine, however, invites some exhaustion. You begin to pray the rosary for the sake of it or stop praying. Or attend Mass as a formality, and miss Sunday Mass unapologetically. A call to wed in the church falls on deaf ears. When it’s time to baptize your child, it does not matter whom you pick as his godparent; anyone can do.

If these points resonate with you, then I guess you have a lot to learn from this post.

joan of arc, fantasy, fantasy portrait
Growth is painful. Change is painful. But nothing is as painful as staying stuck somewhere you don’t belong.

How the Charismatic Movement Makes Changes

Catholic Charismatic Renewal is a group in the church, like the Catholic Women Association, Sacred Heart of Jesus, or Couples for Christ, among others. Each of these groups has a specific goal.

Catholic Charismatic renewal has a unique purpose. It brings out your true self. You possibly have no idea you’re not yourself within.

Catholic Charismatic Renewal bursts the pod and lets out the legume to allow the seed to grow. 

Are you ready to roll up your sleeves, get dirty, and catch the biggest fish?

It’s sad to learn that you’ve been experiencing endless struggles with a fake you.

Catholic Charismatic Renewal movement has a process through which it awakens the real you.

  • You’ll attend a Life in the Spirit Seminar.
  • After the seminar, you’ll join a ministry, depending on your gift.
  • Practicing what you learn will bring out what you really should be.

Now, let’s tackle this process in bits.

Life in the Spirit Seminar

Life in the Spirit seminar is a learning process aimed at producing a good final product. The Parish organizes the program with charismatic leaders. It takes eight to twelve weeks, with a two-hour session every Sunday.

Life in the Spirit seminar

Why this hustle, yet there is Mass?

God has to clear all the clutter in you before He uses you. As the seminars continue, you also go through healing and deliverance. You can also call it an exorcism. It does not mean nothing happens at Mass. A lot of healing takes place during Mass. Other cases require an extra effort before you finally hammer them.

Mass is powerful. Everyone would get delivered at Mass. Sadly, before you give the Mass the honor it deserves, you may get nothing out of it. Remember, I said at the beginning, the purpose of Catholic Charismatic Renewal is to cause trouble.

To who?

That’s a wait-and-see as you read on.

You’re probably looking at yourself and wondering why you’d need deliverance! The answer is pretty simple. You’ll never know you require purification until you experience it.

What does this mean for you?

A complete renewal. It’s a feeling you may not easily describe.

Do not procrastinate. Book your slot in your Parish or the nearest Parish before the next seminar begins.

Serving in Ministry

Everyone is gifted only that you can only use a gift you know you possess. By the end of the seminar, you’ll know your calling. Evangelization, Intercession, Praise and Worship, and Healing and Deliverance are some of the ministries. These smaller groups have weekly meetings too.

Their purpose is to help you nurture your gift.

Let me explain this practically.

Imagine declining to feed your newborn! Or not giving him a balanced diet! You’ll either have to put up with the challenges that come with malnourishment or lose the baby!

Picture the gift you have just acquired as that infant you’re holding in your arms. You’d do anything to give him the best. Within the ministry, you’ll know what to do to make your gift glow.

Next, you need to be consistent.

Catholic Charismatic Renewal in its Practical Perspective

Have you ever wondered how some international athletes win their races? I got so surprised when one of them told me he practices for forty-five minutes every day of his life! What would you make of the runner who begins to practice three months before the competition? I guess you already know the answer.

Charismatic is more like athletics. Your goal is to get to the peak of a mountain that requires a lot of strain to climb.

Now convert that mountain peak to heaven! We all want to get to heaven. Ironically, we find it difficult to work hard to get there!

Before you get your hands dirty trying to reach this worthy goal, you must have inhaled this scripture and stored it somewhere in your system.

John 12: 24-25; I am telling you the truth; a grain of wheat remains no more than a single grain unless it is dropped into the ground and dies. If it does die, then it produces many grains. Those who love their own life will lose it; those who hate their own life in this world will keep it for eternal life.


The struggle is mandatory if you expect to live eternally. You ought to stop doing what looks so lovely and begin to do what controls you. That is charismatic for you!

I call it dying for the world and living for God.

Remember, I started by saying the Catholic Charismatic Renewal Movement is here to destroy! Yes. It clears the way for the Lord’s mega entry into your life. Anything that prevents the Lord’s access has no choice but to leave.

What is Expected of a Charismatic?

Call it a work in progress.

But where exactly are you headed?

Believe it or not; God promises and delivers if you comply.

goal of charismatic
What you will benefit as a charismatic in the Catholic Church

The charismatic group teaches you how to become a committed Catholic and never miss out on the above promises.

What would it feel like to attain all the blessings God talks about in this scripture? Definitely, nice!

But how do you get there?

Nothing happens in a day. The process is gradual.

Ready to learn?

Here we go!

What You Benefit from Catholic Charismatic Renewal

When you become charismatic, some people are likely to refer to you as brainwashed. Why? You are no longer like them. Your instincts cannot allow you to dishonor the Lord. You owe your responsibility to Christ. For you to accomplish your mission, you’re likely to disconnect from some friends.

I don’t know whether to call this a bitter pill.

It’s good to know that people will not like you when you get closer to the Lord. Remember it’s a blessing in disguise as this scripture states.

Luke 6:22; Happy are you when people hate you, reject you, insult you, and say that you are evil, all because of the Son of Man!

Now you need to know what to do as an individual.

How to Maintain a Good Relationship with God

In my own experience, becoming Charismatic is one thing. Keeping up with the choice you have made is another. It involves sacrifice.

Even God knows our connection to Him differs. Back in His mind, He desires a very close embrace. Being a member of Catholic Charismatic renewal is not the end. You have work to do even away from meetings.

Ezekiel 47: 1-12 taught me a lesson I will never forget.

God led Ezekiel back to the entrance of the Temple. Water was coming out from under the entrance, and flowing in different directions. The Lord measured 500 meters with a rod and asked Ezekiel to wade through the water to get there. He did it four times. The first time, the water got to Ezekiel’s ankle. Water got to his knee the second time. The third time, the water got to his waist. Ezekiel could not go any further unless he swam. All this while, God was with him.

You need to read this scripture!

These were the Lord’s words in Ezekiel 47:6; Mortal man, note all this carefully.

God, later in the scripture, told Ezekiel the water flows into the Dead Sea through the Jordan valley. Wherever it passes, food production is high. It also makes the salty water in the Dead Sea clean. Leaves from the trees are also medicinal.

Is this not all that we need in one package?

Now replace Ezekiel’s name with yours and bring the whole process into real life.

Let’s look at it from three perspectives:

  • Wading in Water
  • Healthy Food Production
  • The Salty Water in the Dead Sea Becomes Clean

Wading in Water

Remember, God, walked Ezekiel through the water. Catholic Charismatic renewal is a journey that entails rough times. Have you ever waded through water? You’ll agree with me that it’s not easy. Imagine the Lord takes you through it the way He did with Ezekiel!


Do you realize the more you get deeper, the more you get to the cleaner section? It’s an indication that irrespective of the fact that you have to carry your cross, it becomes lighter. Being charismatic makes this happen.  

Healthy Food Production

When you are with the Lord, you will never lack. The closer your relationship, the more you get. 1 Corinthians 1: 5-7 nailed it above. You can refer back to it.

Remember, this production is a courtesy of your good relationship with God. Because of you, many people will benefit. Anywhere you pass, you leave prints of blessings. It doesn’t have to be physical.

Plenty of Food on the Table

Your family undoubtedly tops the list of beneficiaries. Those sleepless nights caused by stubborn teens will come to an end. And oh, that stubborn husband!

The Salty Water in the Dead Sea Becomes Clean

The Dead Sea symbolizes the rigid world that reflects in individuals. Some have shut their ears to the Lord. When you flow into them with your words, they will listen.

Ezra 10: 1-17 is a good example of putting life into hardened hearts (Dead Sea). You add to your awards for every person who has changed because of you.

The Stream Brings Life wherever it Flows

You are full of positivity. One thing you need to take note of is that the water at the shores is usually stagnant and dirty. The deepest point of the stream flows the fastest. That should be every charismatic’s target.

It takes longer to make things happen while in a knee-depth relationship with God than it does when you’re swimming.

Your company becomes worth a friend’s time when you are full of positive vibes

Who doesn’t want an easy life? Look at this promise.

Isaiah 30: 21; If you wander off the road to the right or left, you will hear His voice behind you saying, “Here is the road, follow it.”

Can you imagine getting such honor from the Lord? When you hear people say God speaks to them, don’t doubt it. It happens.


  • Never develop pride because of your gifts.
  • You are not in a competition to know who is more gifted than the other. Serve the Lord without comparison.

Now, God has asked you to take note of all this carefully. You can now understand the importance of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal Movement.


Strive to be a first-class Catholic. You’ll never take the rosary for granted. Sunday Mass will become a must-attend. An intuition will propel you to attend Daily Mass. If you haven’t wedded in the church, you’ll prioritize your wedding. You’ll choose your children’s godparents with extra caution. Why? Because you know what you’ve missed all along, and you don’t want to miss it anymore.

Catholic Charismatic Renewal troubles the devil until he quits. You will never lack. Let’s hear your views in the comments. 

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